1 Proven Way to Reduce Carbon Footprints from India That Every Corporate Can Easily Adopt!

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The vulnerability of climate change is bringing noticeable change in everyone’s life. India has turned out as the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter country in the whole world. In 2018, it has managed to reduce about 12% carbon emission, which is really an appreciating one! But is it enough? Being in a big corporation, what steps have you taken on hiking this percentage of carbon emission reduction?

Many of you are not aware of how can your corporation become its part and even take widely assorted benefits. For those, this write up would really help. Read till the end.

How the Corporations Can Contribute to Removing Carbon Footprint?

Solar energy benefits the entire environment by reducing carbon footprints from it. It successfully reduces greenhouse gas impact and leaves a favorable impact on the surroundings.

India has already taken a pledge to boost renewable energy capacity and cut carbon emissions by the rate of 33 to 35 percent by the year 2030. This pledge has been submitted to UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention) for an overall positive impact.

To achieve this purpose if all corporations come together to reduce the greenhouse impact by resorting to solar panels. Solar panels will not just provide environmental benefits, but also help you grab several monetary benefits.

Collars Connect provides professional services solutions that subsume solar panel system services and energy conservation services which ultimately help you save an abundance of your cost.

Now go through the types of solar panels available out in the market that you can install in your corporation:

Types of Solar Panels

Several types of solar panels are available today and each of them serves different sort of purpose with different specifications. Have a look:

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The purest form of solar panels is Monocrystalline Solar Panels abbreviated as Mono-SI. These panels are top-level panels that are high in demand as well as in price. it provides the highest output of power with fewer panels. Besides, it doesn’t get much affected by high temperature when contrasting with other options.


  • Rounded Edges
  • Uniform Dark Look
  • Complements highest efficiency rates
  • Less space coverage
  • High power output
  • Available in black or blue color
  • Highly intolerant to dirt and shading

Energy Conservation Services

  1. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

It is prepared by following a quick process of melting raw silicon. Comparing other panels, this one is lower in efficiency and shorter span of life as it instantly gets affected by hot temperatures. The power outputs are almost the same when compared to Mono-SI, but the difference lies in space efficiency and price.


  • Square edges
  • Speckled look in blue color
  • Low space efficiency

Professional Services Solutions

  1. Thin-Film Solar Panels

The least expensive range of solar panels is TFSC. To prepare these ones, photovoltaic material, subsuming, cadmium, silicon, copper, etc. are used specifically onto a substrate. As less material is used so these are quite economical. These occupy a lot of space so are not good for residential installations.


  • Easy to produce
  • Less affected from the high temperature, so more efficiency
  • Shorter lifespan with shorter warranties
  • Good for bigger spaces

solar panel system services

  1. Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells

To produce these panels Cadmium Telluride is basically used that keeps the cost quite low and makes it relatively cheaper than others. The photovoltaic technique is used to prepare these panels. It needs the least water amount for its production comprising other panels, which consume it abundantly.


  • Shorter payback time
  • Help you keep a check on the carbon footprint
  • It is toxic and can be hazardous for health if inhaled.


  1. Concentrated PV Cell

Just like conventional photovoltaic systems generate electrical energy, these cells CVP and HCVP, also generate the highest electrical energy. The efficiency of these panels lies in facing the sun in the right way and angle. For this purpose, the solar tracker is used inside it which follows the sun to maintain its efficiency.


  • High-efficiency rate
  • Curved mirror lenses & surfaces
  • Increased efficiency by bundling sun rays
  • High performance

Besides these solar panels, Biohybrid Solar Cells are based on the natural process of photosynthesis but are in the research phase so far. These panels will be a boon for the production of electrical energy with maximum efficiency.

Corporations can certainly have a great bearing on climate changes and environmental adversities. It’s the duty of all to come forward and take initiative in saving the surroundings. Opting for solar panels would prove as a great step not just for the environment, but for your own business as well. So, resort to it and prefer professional services solutions of Collars Connect if you need any help.

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