21 Days Lockdown Challenge – A Blessing in Disguise For Facility Management Professionals:


While almost each one of you will be self quarantined with your loved ones at home for the next 21 days in order to maintain “Social distancing” thus Let’s make each of this day interesting by knowing some facts & plan some futuristic actions for your function. Treat this as an opportunity & strategize for your better future as you may not have got such a composed time in your professional carrier ever rather spreading rumors or irrelevant material here & there.

Although most of you would be busy coordinating a lot many things for your offices this crucial time but as we all know that one should always take out time for his/her self development thus it is of utmost importance to think about those aspects as well. Believe me or not but it works really well.

I recommend that we plan our day and let us explore innovative ways to continue the best services to the business. This is an opportunity to take initiatives, strengthen analytics, budgets, MIS, pick up projects that have been long overdue. Invest quality time with your team’s on PMS in the system and in discussion over phone and video calls.

Strategize well for post 21 days Lockdown period else you may have certain challenges once you are back in action:

1. Lease rent: Most of the corporate pay their Lease rent between 1st to 10th of each month thus since this period is falling under the 21 days Lockdown period, you may find ways to inform your respective Landlord’s about the delay in rent received & in turn your finance department about the delay in receipt of Tax Invoices from Landlords. In some cases, you may have corporate tie-ups with some service apartments or guest houses thus do not try to negotiate/bargain with them on its monthly rental as poses to be UNETHICAL.

2. Fit Out Challenges: You might have some ongoing project sites where the safety of material may pose a potential threat, your rent-free period may get exhausted, project handover delays, etc. Choose to resolve these over the call or video calls by making suitable amendments & mutual agreements. Do not let any of the laborers suffer due to this.

3. Service provider’s support staff salary: Almost everywhere the corporate disburse the salaries of their support staff service providers between 1st to 10th of each calendar month. Since the respective SP may not be able to raise the timely Invoice this time thus do not HOLD the salaries instead pay little early on last month’s provisional basis. Actual Invoicing can be done upon resumption of office basis which you may do necessary adjustments.

4. Issues in hand:

Practical issues especially for physical security guards or housekeeping staff (Deployed at banks/Insurance or any other essential service outlet): Reliever issues, shift rotational issues, assistance towards any untoward incident, commutation, etc. These may invite labor & compliance issues later thus deal with them tactfully. You may choose to station a pool of physical security guards at large locations taking care of their health & safety parameters, food, etc & seek special permission from competent authorities w.r.t their commutation. (Try & deploy nearby resources from your office location even if there is a requirement to change the resource for these critical days). Also, seek Police assistance for any untoward incident.

Practical travel challenges for all BPO/KPO employees: The only viable thing at this time is to invoke the BCP/make the BCP & manage the call flow by diverting calls to your personal numbers for time being. Necessary approvals to be sought prior.

Transit issues while transporting Desktops in lieu of WFH: Seek prior permission from transport authorities to transport such material at specified time windows or individual staff can too carry personally. In such a case, an Individual company declaration along with traffic police permission/pass will help.

5. Disturbed AMC schedule especially of Air Conditioners: Your AC-AMC partner may not be able to perform AC service during this Lockdown period thus ask your AMC partner to plan well & revise the schedule to compensate these days by putting extra resources once it resumes.

6. Urgent physical paper deliveries can be shifted to electronic media instantly

7. Plan out office disinfection service during this time & get it done upon office resumption. At least you have time in hand to make a good comparison of cost, service, quality, etc

8. First thing proper disposal of any leftover eatables at the office cafeteria once you resume back to the office

9. Plan out a thorough deep cleaning of the office upon its resumption.

10. Action out any incoming mail/courier

You may also choose to strategize/plan during this period:

  • EMI: Read this Blog of the EMI platform.
  • BCP in case it does not exist in your organization/department & get the formal document in place once your resume back to the office
  • Initiate the Process manual of your department in case it still does not exist
  • Prepare some general advisories under awareness campaign specific to your function such as on OPEX, Clean desk policy, Health & Safety, etc
  • Review meetings with your service providers

Rest as it may be deemed fit as per your function/requirement.

For any clarification, counseling session, Professional Services Solutions, you may E-Mail us at info@collarsconnect.com or you may even raise your requirement/query at https://collarsconnect.com/corporate-query. We shall be happy to assist you.


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