3 Books Every Entrepreneur Shouldn’t Miss!

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It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs love to read books! Name any successful entrepreneur and we bet they spend most of their timing in reading. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, SundarPichai, Mark Zuckerberg, strives to read books and that is why they are at peak of success. Isn’t it?

There are surely plenty of things that we have to be learned from the giants of the business genre. Reading Books is one of them! Every Entrepreneur should invest their time in reading so that they get better insights into business, and can successfully apply those ideas in the business. But are you aware of which book you must read? Don’t Know Exactly? Well, read the blog then. Here, we will discuss three Amazing Books every entrepreneur must have on their study shelf!

The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett is the founder & CEO of TrackMaven. He has beautifully explained the concept of Creativity in his books. He says, “Creativity is not exclusive- it can’t happen with anyone. He believes that creativity is accessible to everyone but they don’t have the right tools for it”. However, in his book he showed how creative process can be learned by anyone who is willing to.

Undoubtedly, Allen does a phenomenal job of exploring creativity. He also gave his tangible advice about how to spark the most creative moment of your life. You can rightly say that he has amazingly blended real-time experience with the creative process with the use of “Creative curve”.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book is called “the entrepreneur’s bible” for a very good reason. This book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 but the knowledge that resides in his book is evergreen or you can better use the word “Timeless”.

Hill has covered each and every topic related to the business. With this book, you will get to learn – why you must have faith in your decision, how you can better take your decisions by attacking the rule of procrastination, why it is essential to value your imaginations and so forth. When you ask these question from your inner self, then the chances of getting better results also get strengthen. This book not only gives your inspiration but also prepare for the worst situations in your life.

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Predictably Irrational By Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely is reckoned as the professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics. He has written a book which is useful for both business & personal development. His book is awesome as it beautifully explains why people not afraid to take decisions, even if it is irrational. He says in his book that, “At first sight, it seems like a predictably irrational decision, but if you look closer, you will determine how you can use it for the enhancement of career”. In short, you will gain some interesting knowledge that can help you to grow your business. It can tell everything related to personal relationships, project management, hidden forces which shape your decisions, etc. When you are aware of all these hidden forces, then it becomes quite easier to take better decision, no matter if it looks irrational at first glance.

Entrepreneurs must spend their time in this book as it interestingly eye-opening facts that are useful for business growth.

These are some of the books that must by every entrepreneur and start-up owners. Business can’t grow until you have the best books and best services by your side. Make sure you are reading amazing books & having the best services at Collars Connect. It is one of the Best IFMS Company in India which fulfills all your requirements in one go.

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