5 Ways to Bug Out Pest From Your Workplace!

Pest Control

Ants munching on your employees’ leftovers! Constantly complaining about itchy bite!

In fact, they have also seen some insects crawling on their computer screen. Is that your office space all about? Well, if your answer is NO! Then it’s a big relief but if deep down you are saying YES! Then, it’s an urgent need to take a big step. Undoubtedly, PESTIN BUSINESS is a dangerous thing and can lessen the work productivity in a leaps and bounds rate! Well, to avoid that situation Pest Control is utmost necessary and you can prevent the situation by following some smart tips.

Follow These Methods for Pest Control!

  1. Regular Cleaning is Must

Keeping your premises clean from inside and outside can help you to remove nesting spots. Spiders generally prefer dark places to create a web. Regular cleaning ensures that all the clutter is removed properly from every nook and corner.

  1. Seal it Up!

Firstly, look around the walls and seals any exterior cracks in your office building. Even a single crevice can provide access to spiders, ants, mice, mats into your establishment. Hence make sure you are scheduling a professional inspection time to time to pay special attention to your unwanted guests.

Pest Control

  1. Look Upon Garbage Disposal

Each workspace generates garbage but not all of them attract pests. However, food waste is the primary concern here. For that, store all these trash in sealed receptacles. Besides, place these receptacles far from the building areas as much as possible to discourage pests from wandering inside your workplace.



  1. Be Attentive & Inspect Closely

If you see a small pest crawling across the desk or floor, take care of it right away. Also, check out the other potential causes which can create problems in the future. It is much easier to ignore the problem but the real challenge is to combat each problem beforehand to stop becoming a disaster for your company!

  1. Hire Professionals For Sure!

Most pests can infiltrate your workplace with relative ease which makes quite tough to identify potential weak spots in your defense. Perhaps the best tip for preparing your office to fend off pests is – hire professional experts. They will inspect your office building walls, grounds, roof, interior as well as exterior to ensure pest-proof workspace.  Professional Cleaning services can reduce your problems without increasing your further troubles.


Pest Control Service

Some Do’s & Don’ts Not To Be Missed!

  • Enjoy your food in the cafeteria only. This will help in preventive care of general pests/mosquitoes & Rodents.
  • Cut birthday cakes in cafeteria only to avoid spill over of cake particles on the floor/carpet
  • Greet your visitor/guest for snacks in the cafeteria only & ask them to maintain decorum there
  • Ensure that any spillage of any food particle/cold drinks/water on the table is immediately cleared by the local housekeeping support in case you are having it there
  • Throw/dispose off your left over food/disposables in the designated bins only provided in the cafeteria instead of in the dustbin beneath your workstation
  • Do not store any eatables in your drawer/cupboard else this would invite pests & Rodents
  • Do not order snacks for your guests neither at your desk not at any of the meeting/conference room else it will attract pests due to any spill over of any minutest food particle on the floor
  • If you have ventilators/windows in your office, then do not open them even if cool breeze is blowing outside/good weather as it turns out to be the main source of pests/mosquitoes coming inside the office
  • Educate employees to close the entry/exit door each time whenever they pass by as sometimes they keep the door long open & it does not get closed automatically
  • Get any open holes closed with cement mixed with crushed glass particles to stop entry of Rodents. These holes are generally left open during project Fit out stage through which AC pipes & main electrical wires pass by

Always Remember Prevention is better than cure! Once pests are established in your building, it becomes incredibly difficult to eradicate them. Thus, start following these above-mentioned tips to avoid pest. But remember to hire professionals if you need help. At Collars Connect, you can contact with topmost service providers who can provide you with these cleaning services.


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