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WHO doesn’t want to become Manager? It’s a dream of every employee to become manager as it empowers you to lead things & people. You progress hard in your organization to get this position but what’s next when you reach at this level? This can be discussed & debated. Lets do that.

Many distinguished leaders of the globe have defined a good manager is:-

Bill Gates: As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Margaret Thatcher: Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.

A good manager always focuses on developing people they work with. In fact they very well know how to get their things done. They always encourage their people to come up with solutions to problems rather then simply solving problems for them.

In majority cases when you ask someone about his/her manager, they say that “ The best boss I have ever had” but do we really understand it well that What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? The is quite prevalent literature with challenging write ups about the qualities of managers and leaders and whether the two differ, but very little has been said about what happens in numerous daily interactions and decisions that allows managers to get the best out of their people and win their fidelity.

What do great managers actually do? They discover what is unique about each person and then capitalize on it. This helps them getting desired results. Great managers know and value the unique abilities of their people along with their weaknesses, and they also learn how best to integrate them into a coordinated plan of action.

What do average managers actually do?  They tend to sweep difficult employees off to the side. They prefer to have minimal contact with them and allow them to do sub-par work, even if the employee is capable of more. They actually fail to discover their uniqueness & lack upgrading them. Average managers see change approaching or happening around them, but wait until it is over to respond.

In today’s corporate world people want to grow by pulling back their co workers. This is true up to some extent but what if, they work shoulder to shoulder & help each other to grow. This is nothing but to follow a WE model instead of ME. In a team everybody puts their best effort to succeed. It’s a responsibility of their manager to identify the right talent in each of his staff & discover some unique quality to develop him/her further to attain next level. After all if any manager grows, his team also grow & vice versa so its one & the same thing. A good manager accomplishes his/her task when he/she makes managers under him/her even if the entire team is capable of becoming managers. An effective manager should provide equal opportunity, empowerment, right to decision & sense of togetherness to everyone to work efficiently & effectively. An equal amount of TRUST to be shown in each one of them along with detailed understanding of Need to Know action steps.

I used to be told by my manager that “Unless you make mistakes, you will not be able to learn but it should have been made while doing best for your company” & once I used to make any such mistake, he used to stand beside me. That’s what I used to admire him for. He used to teach how to tailor your management styles to reach difficult employees / situations more effectively so that such difficult situations either don’t come in front of you or even if they come, you are able to tackle them profusely & people should start accepting you as your manager/leader by your impactful acts. When that happens you stand a great chance to become a successful & effective manager. Nobody can stop you.

You know in the race of becoming an effective manager, when you encounter any problem, you need to ask lots of WHY’s till the time you get your answer & when you are able to derive options of solutions to your problems, you break the Ice. You & your manager both feel satisfied & good that problems do come but with options of solutions to choose from. This is where you become self confident & start your journey of becoming an effective manager & when you become an effective manager you should carry on the same legacy for your direct reports to make them managers under you. Last but not the least don’t forget the below MUST TO IMBIBE qualities;-

  • Act as their Coach
  • Empower them & come out of micro management of tasks
  • Make them learn Act as per severity
  • Treat them with respect & dignity
  • Show good amount of Interest & care for their personal well being
  • Believe in information sharing
  • Make then focused & learn how to drive things to their results
  • Have a workable & clear strategy for them that can be measured for success
  • Always have clear communication
  • Be a good listener, calm & composed while handling difficult tasks
  • Simultaneously work on their technical management skills
  • Right allocation of job
  • QUICK WIN habit
  • NO discrimination among the team & encourage diversity
  • Align their Goals with company’s vision & Objectives
  • Make your team feel valued & spread great things about your team & department
  • Spark TEAMWORK spirit in each of your team member

So, Remember to be a good manager along with Leader…………!!

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