A must to follow Monsoon tips while driving on the road

Monsoon tips
  • Don’t tail bikes either. They are prone to slips/falls and we don’t want you to run over them.
  • Pedestrians are extremely hard to spot thus please don’t splash water on them
  • Plan the journey such that you reach your destination within daylight hours.
  • If you are on the road and visibility gets worse, park someplace safe, get a cup of coffee and wait for the rains to simmer down else stay off the roads
  • Don’t park anywhere on the road. Poor visibility could result in someone banging into your car. If you are parking only for a short time, switch your parking lights on.
  • For overnight parking, choose a clean area and one that’s away from rodents. During the rains, rats take shelter under the hood and chew on wires.
  • Ensure that your car is in a healthy condition; the tyers, brakes, and wipers, especially, must be in top shape.
  • Check the focus of your headlight beams and correct if necessary.
  • Keep a first-aid kit, torch, and umbrella handy.
  • Use your turn signals liberally.
  • Maintain a safe distance with the car ahead, one that’s twice as longer than in the dry. Braking distances are severely affected on wet roads.
  • Switch off your air-con before entering the flooded area. Keep the air-con on fresh air/ventilation mode.
  • In case your car’s tyre is drowned in the water uptill its centre height then avoid driving in water-logged area.
  • In case the vehicle is swamped in the water then do not try to push start the engine. Even your one attempt can cause major damage inside the engine.
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