A Vendor In NEED Is A Vendor INDEED


OFTEN corporate engage a vendor who is specialized in one particular field & which is fairly correct also as a specialized vendor can deliver value & do complete justice with what you are looking for. Any vendor for that matter revolves around its core competencies but sometimes some of them cross all boundaries to exceed customer’s expectations. Such vendors truly believe in what they are being perceived to? Even corporate at times demand ad hoc services & they are capable of delivering those even at odd hours.

In today’s corporate world most of our vendors follow reactive approach as to whatever falls in their scope is being adhered to & they keep on tightening all corners to stick to their committed SOP’s & SLA’s & are not capable of catering to all noncore requests of the corporate.

Don’t we all think that we should have such vendors who are capable of executing all such noncore requests even if it falls outside their scope either by coordinating with respective domain vendor on behalf of your corporate connect or by simply giving the right direction to your corporate as the vendor has sub connects & market knowledge.

In the recent past during the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, there are many corporate & vendors too who looked for & executed as well such noncore emergency assistance/business.

Some of the examples are:-

  1. A housekeeping agency providing surgical face masks to their local clients for their overseas clients & even appointing CHA’s, helping the clients in shipment clearance, etc
  2. Corporate procurement teams negotiating for surgical masks/gowns, hand sanitizers, thermometers, etc
  3. Textile Industries manufacturing surgical masks
  4. Courier/Logistics company’s delivering noncore material even in odd hours
  5. Physical security guard participating in Corona screening camps at various corporate hubs
  6. Office boys/Peons helping in BCP
  7. Routine general pest control vendors carrying out special office sanitization & disinfection

There is much more to share but the point that I would like to make here is that in such a critical environment & time those who are willing to provide such a noncore service have certain greed of money, passion to serve, forcibly they are doing or what?

Certainly, money plays an important role in such situations but above all ensuring the continuity with the client by proving that TRUST that client had shown for a particular vendor. Irrespective of the interest/motive, the corporate should always develop the base of such vendors who can act as multi-tasking entities for them & work shoulder to shoulder with their clients to boost each other’s morale.

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