During this tough period, Leaders must ensure that their employees do not BURNOUT due to work overload & able to maintain their work-life balance. Well, it’s quite easy to say but do you really know that how are you going to achieve this objective when you are also quite pressurized & stressed out as a Leader?

Whilst few organizations have already reinstated their operations with 33% of their workforce (as permitted by the government) but many of them are still striving hard to sustain their operations by working remotely i.e. WFH. Having said so as a Leader you should ensure that your employees do not burnout due to work pressure leading to mismanagement of their work-life balance with their hefty working schedule. Well, you may live up to their expectations by simply ensuring below measures as deemed fit.

Put your people at first: Like many organizations, adopt an employee-friendly remote working policy that highlights the dedication & care of the company towards its employees. You should always become a caring leader & keep employee needs on first priority. Keep your tone positive & value your employees. Reward & recognize them in public forums. Once you start doing this, you will find that your employees are more encouraged than before & will contribute their best of performance in achieving organizational goals.

Show compassion with your employees: It is not only about listening to your employees at the time of need but also to empathize with them during any worse situation. They expect this from you. Do not put unnecessary pressure onto them by putting an additional burden of work with unrealistic deadlines instead provide them with adequate support & flexibility to manage their work. In fact, leaders should provide On the job training to make them learn adaptability & guide them new ways to excel during crisis. This can prove to be a great tool in mitigating their stress levels during crisis & boost their productivity too. The employees would no more feel it a burden.

Keep crystal clear communication with your employees: During these susceptible times when employees are already pressurized with work, leaders must maintain a transparent flow of communication between each other because it keeps everyone on the same page & increases the quality of work thus it becomes essential for leaders to avoid any miscommunication & unnecessary chaos. Also communicating clear provides comfort to employees & makes them feel valued & part of the organization.

Innovate employee engagement: Working continuously on laptop/desktop during the WFH process may drain your employees out thus it is of utmost importance to have virtual engagement activities for employees such as webinars, contests, debates, or any other engagement activities to address this issue. This may give them some relaxation & recreation.

Provide training & upgrade skills of your employees: Since many organizations are providing training & upgrading skills of their employees during Lockdown or WFH thus you may treat this as an opportunity to upskill your employees as well. You may nominate your employees for online trainings, virtual webinars In house or outside or create videos with the help of your In house trainers/top management on a specific subject to enhance their skills. Online meetings/discussions can be created to get an insight into any topic. This way your employees would not only feel motivated but also give them the inspiration to do more with an enhanced skill set.

Ensure safety at the workplace for those who have been mandated to operate from office: Whilst many organizations have opened their offices again however they should not forget to ensure 100% compliance towards ensuring safety measures for their employees. They should mandate wearing face mask & use of hand sanitizers at the workplace for all. Likewise, you as a Leader should also ensure such compliances at your team level & keep reiterating. Adopt staggered timings/shifts to avoid overcrowding. Disinfect common areas etc. This will not only avoid congestion but also help them to ensure their physical well being.

The need of the hour is not only to focus on your key responsibilities/targets but also to think much beyond that i.e. how should we be prepared to face new challenges in future with a preventive mindset, learn waste management, get perfection in our respective domains, adhere to BCP, etc. Imbibing these core strategies will help us to achieve the path of success.

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