Attention Corporate : Follow Covid Safety Precautions At Home Like Office !!


देश अनलॉक हमारे लिए हुआ है कोरोना वाइरस के लिए नहीं !

It’s a BIG question for all of us that – Are we actually serious about Corona Virus in UNLOCK situation? Well looking at the current rising Corona virus cases the answer is NO. Have we become casual? Are we not taking it seriously? Are we not adhering to safety measures like we did in Lockdown 1,2 or 3? Up to a great extent YES. Remember that in current UNLOCK situation it is all the more important to even follow strictest disciplinary measures to contain the spread of disease else we should be ready to face its horrendous repercussions.

Now when the offices have been opened, we have become little casual at our home. Somehow we have started feeling that its BAU (Business as usual) for us everywhere. We have started partying, celebrating birthdays & other occasions (even though with close friends & relatives), visiting friends & relatives etc to make us feel little relaxed. There is NO harm in doing that but have we ever thought that by doing such activities, we are also being exposed to outside world, people, things etc which is making us prone to get infections very easily? Is it right? ASK yourself? Are we not playing with our lives? What’s make you craving to do such blunders? Can’t you wait for its right time where you can even do such celebrations with more joy, peace of mind & above all not at the cost of your life.

We pretend to be more cautious at our homes like we sanitize our door handles, main gate, follow strict SOP’s to buy groceries, vegetables, fruits, milk, medicines etc but on the other hand show our callous attitude when it comes to partying out or freaking out with family & friends. Why don’t we understand one very basic fact that now whatever we shall do, it would be for our own sake. We can easily put anybody into trouble with our silly mistakes & careless attitude. We should only PREACH in case we are PRACTISING it well.

IS IT SO THAT IN OFFICE YOU ARE BEING WATCHED & PENALIZED UPON ANY DEFAULT: Is it not the reason of being strict at office because of penalty/fine which brings discipline. For Ex: If Traffic police becomes casual then 2 wheeler drivers will not bother to wear helmets. Like Traffic fines are not only meant for earning revenue but also to ensure safety & security of people similarly, with the fear of being fined/penalized, we tend to not default at office in following Covid-19 safety guidelines but at our respective homes, there is nobody who puts fine on us thus we tend to become casual.

At home when we do such unsafe activities, we ourselves don’t know what would be the consequences of such activities but just flow with the flow because others are also doing the same. Although we ensure safe actions but don’t know what others are pretending to be safe or not whereas, in office at least we know about others as we all are in closed groups. At office even if we pretend to do safe actions, it actually safeguards us else we shall face discrimination like we do lot of things (behavioural acts) at office without even practicing at home just to show that how well we manage ourselves?


VENTURING OUT: It could be for any purpose such as: Meeting & visiting friends/relatives place, parks, temple, shopping, taking pets out, doctors clinic for routine check up, any personal or social activity, petrol pump etc

What to be considered before you go? First ask yourself below questions that will help determining you the level of RISK you are going to expose;

  • Is COVID-19 spreading in my community fast?
  • What are the local govt. orders in my community?
  • What’s the end use of my outing i.e. Will my activity put me in close contact with others or put me or anybody else in trouble?
  • Am I medically fit i.e. at severe risk or not or do I stay with someone who is at severe risk?
  • Do I follow preventive safe actions at home before I step out?
  • Will I be sharing my things, equipments, tools or any other items with outsiders?
  • What is my mode of commutation i.e. will I be using my own vehicle or public transport?
  • Am I going to other COVID-19 affected community?
  • What if I get sick after coming back? Do I know what to do in that case?
  • Am I & my family members medically Insured?
  • Have I developed a habit of disinfecting my vehicles from outside?
  • Do I have spare shoes while going out which I can keep for outside purpose only?
  • Do I know how to prevent getting sick?
  • Am I equipped with face mask (one pair extra), face shield, small bottle of hand sanitizer, hand gloves, Umbrella, shoe cover etc?

Once you are alert & cautious about safety measures that will keep, your family, your community & your country SAFE, you will not regret ever, rather you will feel confident & proud when you PREACH these best safe practices wherever you go because you have PRACTISED them already.

कोरोना को हराना है – देश को बचाना है !

Thanks for your understanding,

Your’s Buddy,

Mr. Connect

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