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A very useful step by step guide for Banks, Insurance company’s, NBFC’s or any other financial institutions having multi-city presence branch offices:

As you know that the branch office cleanliness & maintenance under ‘’Branch office health, hygiene & safety’’ process is one of the key elements to make our branch office offices intact from Infrastructure’s point of view. It is every staff’s responsibility to ensure that each one of our branch offices should be well maintained & cleaned at all times.

We should always strive hard to sustain our branch office Infrastructure that we have built to distinguish ourselves from others.

This process trail will equip you with a detailed understanding of branch office infrastructure that we intend to highlight on a/c of branch office repair and maintenance& cleanliness which would help you to understand this aspect more attentively.


Foot Mat at the Main Entrance: – There has to be Foot Mat at the main entrance of your branch office to enable Walk-Ins to wipe their shoes before entering. This would help in keeping your branch office clean all the time as lot of dust come in with the shoes of Walk-Ins. In case it is torn frequently due to high usage, you may procure it locally following internal approval matrix

Lollipop/External Glow signage: – These signage are installed outside the branch office and are intended to help draw the attention of your customers/non-customers to the branch office. It helps to locate the ATM/office easily. The signage should always be in working condition & cleaned too. In case of any malfunctioning, you may report to your designated helpdesk for its repair

Customer Service/Help Desk:- The first point of interaction for any Walk-In to the branch office is this desk only, located prominently at the entrance.

This is the place to welcome clients, familiarize them with the branch office layout, respond to their queries and guide them to the respective counter for resolution thus all the branch office elements such as display signage, lights, AC, telephone, etc should always be intact & in working condition.

Here are some important points to remember on a/c of this desk: –

  • Regular housekeeping should be undertaken at this desk.
  • All electrical fittings / accessories should be in working condition.
  • Any Laminate peeling off issue to be highlighted to your support helpdesk
  • The visitor chairs should be clean & in working condition
  • AC should be running fine
  • Report for any office repair and maintenance requirement to the designated staff


Branch Office Lobby: The branch office lobby is based on a unique open floor architecture to provide customers with greater convenience and approachability. Since it is a strategic plan from a customer’s point of view, the same needs to be taken care of end to end at the branch office’s end.

Here are some important actionable to be adhered to the branch office level: –

  • The Branch office lobby must be kept clean throughout the branch office working hours. The HK staff of your respective branch offices should clean the branch office lobby by default at least four times during the day. Rest they should act as per they need.
  • Floor deep cleaning should specially be taken care of at least twice a week.
  • Dustbins should be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Branch office Lobby should be well maintained & all fittings & fixtures should be running fine
  • Staff/visitor chairs should always be in working condition.
  • CCTV cameras should always be positioned focusing any Walk-In the branch office to capture them clearly.
  • All requisite branding should be intact. In case of any problem, you may report at your support helpdesk.
  • Customers waiting chairs (steel) should be placed in such a way that it does not touch the wall to avoid any dirty marks.
  • Carry out regular Pest Control to avoid any customer issue

Your clean & maintained branch office lobby plays a significant role in attaining customers’ attention & appreciation.

This State of the Act Branch office Infrastructure can be truly experienced by our Customers, only when the Employees at the branch office level take responsibility for the premises under their preview. BRANCH OFFICE LOBBY is one of the areas in the entire branch office which represents our standards if up to the mark.

washroom-maintenanceWashroom Maintenance:

  • The respective washroom doors should have the proper signage.
  • The alignment of washrooms doors, locks & door closers should always be intact. Any minor repair work should be done at the branch office level only as involves hygiene factors & a basic amenity. For any major repair work, you may report at your support helpdesk designated by your facility management team.
  • The Urinals, WC, Flush tank, Washbasin taps should not have any sort of water leakage.
  • Ensure that your branch office’s housekeeping staff replenish the toiletries i.e. Toilet rolls, Liquid soaps, Tissues, etc at regular intervals.
  • The Exhaust fan should always be cleaned & in working condition.
  • The cleanliness standards should always be up to the mark else may lead to hygiene issues. Ensure that your housekeeping staff should clean the washrooms at regular intervals as per the ‘’washroom Checklist’’.
  • Immediate action in case of any water leakage/seepage. Any minor repair work should be done at the branch office level only as involves hygiene factors & a basic amenity. For any major repair work, you may report at your support helpdesk designated by your facility management team.
  • Lodge a complaint with your respective service provider in case you do not receive requisite good quality material on time.
  • Biodegradable and Photodegradable bags should be used to ensure an environment friendly approach


Pantry Maintenance:

  • The pantry display signage to be placed on the door
  • Washing area to be cleaned at all times.
  • Regular Pest Control to be done
  • The alignment of the main pantry door should be proper as the footfall is quite high here
  • Any minor repair work should be done at the branch office level only as involves hygiene factors & a basic amenity. For any major repair work, you may report at your support helpdesk designated by your facility management team.
  • Microwave, Refrigerator, RO, drinking water dispenser, Tea/Coffee machine to be in working condition at all times
  • Adequate awareness signage to be placed in the pantry for staff to follow
  • Staff should keep their Lunchboxes at a designated place only to ensure its cleanliness/hygiene
  • Branch office staff should obtain drinking water testing report at regular intervals, keep the service report of Tea/Coffee machine, water dispenser, etc
  • Crockery should be properly handled
  • The drain line should get cleaned at regular intervals to avoid any line choking
  • It should have proper waste segregation bins under waste management services


Server Room:

A server room is a secured area that needs to be maintained with the utmost sense of care. Branch offices are advised to follow the below steps for its maintenance:

  • The server room should be properly arranged. It should not have any hazardous material & waste material that may cause safety hazards.
  • Extra chairs should not be lying in a server room. The branch office should ensure its end-use judiciously.
  • The daily cleaning should be carried out by the housekeeping staff in the presence of any authorized branch office stuff.
  • The AC temperature of 22 C should be maintained in the server room.
  • A branch office may follow the set process of lodging any complaint w.r.t AC, UPS, Access control system.
  • Any seepage/leakage issue may be highlighted at your support helpdesk
  • There should be one Fire Extinguisher placed in the server room at all times.
  • There should not be any loose wire in the server room. If there are some requisite call then they should be lodged with the IT helpdesk.

From a Maintenance Perspective:

  • Have AMC’s (Annual maintenance contracts) in place for office equipment and maintenance services. Try to take a comprehensive one
  • Establish a “Support Helpdesk” to receive all complaints centrally in order to improve on service levels & trend analysis
  • Formalize an approval matrix to ease out the routine maintenance process
  • Standardize a process towards regular branch office visit to keep it maintained
  • Staff awareness sessions to be conducted at regular intervals
  • Common wall areas to be protected with adequate safety to avoid peeling off the wall paint
  • Cleaning staff should use the necessary “Safety signage” while cleaning the floor during customer service time.
  • In case you have a Washroom accessible from your Lobby then it should not stink

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