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In case you have a Cafeteria that serves Snacks along with Lunch, Breakfast & other eatables then these tips would surely help you maintain the office decorum & help to sustain the cleanliness standards.

We urge everyone to follow some basic guidelines to help to ensure clean, hygienic & healthy work environment.

professional cleaning services


  • It’s a self-service cafeteria thus help yourself
  • Maintain office decorum while ordering & eating snacks in the cafeteria
  • Enjoy your snacks or cold drinks in the cafeteria only. This will help in preventive care of general pests/mosquitoes & Rodents.
  • In case the place is full or crowded at one single point than wait for your turn or come at different time slot
  • Cut birthday cakes in the cafeteria only other than the snacks time window to avoid overcrowding
  • Put your quality feedback about the overall quality standards in the feedback box provided at the entrance gate
  • The arrangement is on “Pay per basis” with the snack vendor thus management is not responsible for any dispute towards payment, however, feedback may be passed on to your facility Incharge
  • Greet your visitor/guest for snacks in the cafeteria only & ask them to maintain decorum there
  • Escort your visitor/guest till the main gate while exiting the office
  • Ensure that any spillage of snacks/cold drinks/water on the table is immediately cleared by the local housekeeping support
  • Throw/dispose of your leftover food/disposables in the designated bins only provided in the cafeteria
  • You can also hire professional cleaning services to spread cleanliness near your surroundings.

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  • Avoid chaotic situation
  • Avoid carrying snacks or cold drinks at your respective desks
  • Do not place an order for snacks to be delivered at your desk as there is NO such facility available
  • Do not store any eatables in your drawer/cupboard else this would invite pests & Rodents
  • Do not cut birthday cakes in & around your work area or in any of the meeting/conference rooms.
  • Do not litter on the cafeteria floor as someone is waiting to use next
  • Do not order snacks for your guests either at your desk not at any of the meeting/conference room.
  • Do not throw any used disposables/food waste in the dustbin placed beneath your desk
  • Do not leave your guest/visitor in the cafeteria alone
  • Do not waste food
  • Do not underestimate waste management services when it comes to cleaning the surroundings.

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