Well everywhere it is Corona Virus & we all are putting a lot of effort to curb down the impact of this disastrous pandemic. Our Indian government is taking all precautionary measures to minimize its net impact. Slowly, gradually, constantly & dedicatedly we can WIN over this devil disease but we all have to be in sync as now this is between Humanity Vs Humanity & not Pandemic Vs Humanity.

Every Industry, organization, or sector irrespective of size is now focusing on dealing with this pandemic & finding out ways to live with it. So we are calling all such changes a “New NORMAL”.

The new need of the hour is to;

  • Revamp our current office infrastructure to make it user friendly thus providing a SAFE & SECURE working environment in light of Covid-19
  • Reengineer our current process & policies to make them User-friendly (Keeping in mind Social/Physical distancing, any natural calamity/disease like Covid-19, people empowerment & HR compensation/benefits, etc)
  • Safety manuals to be prepared for internal circulations & for external customers safety security
  • Lots of CBA’s (Cost-benefit Analysis) to be done in each segment to understand the Spend – Trend
  • Formalize BCP for all segments, implement & regular testing

For any facility management division/professional, the following changes can be termed as “NEW NORMAL” going forward. One needs to initiate/implement as per need/desire/feasibility & budget OR simply Ignore in case they find it irrelevant for them.


  1. Greet visitors with a SAFETY KIT or FACE MASK in place of Flowers: Safety kit may consist of small hand sanitizer, perfumed sanitizer based wipes for mobiles & Laptop, safety awareness card, etc). You may choose to get your company branding on the face mask.
  2. Automatic sliding MAIN DOORS: Either you already have one at your entrance, if not then explore the feasibility to install one. If found feasible (even if with minor/major adjustments) then immediately seek relevant permissions to install one as the main entrance door handles are quite infectious.
  3. Temperature screening automatic machines at the reception: This can cater to volumes, provide fast & accurate results & less manual intervention.
  4. Sanitization Chambers at the main entrance: It may be required for high footfall office entrances. (One needs to check the Govt. notification on this)
  5. Biometric to be replaced with RFID/Face recognitions devices: One should avoid even access card too but then it is fairly safe mode
  6. Number Lock keypad: It should also be replaced with wither Access card reader/ hand/thumb sensors etc
  7. Isolated seating pods for guests: The reception seating arrangement for guests can be replaced with Isolated seating pods which would be treated as the safest place for guests to sit & wait.
  8. Luggage room for visiting staff at the office entrance/ reception: This will avoid staff to carry their Luggage inside the office premise thus ruling out any infection coming inside the office via Luggage as currently, the visiting staff carries their Luggage with them either till their workstation or meeting rooms directly. In fact this would avoid any expense towards screening of Luggage at the front end.
  9. Squeeze down your Guest meeting room at the reception: This may be required to contain the usage along with accommodating optimum capacity of people
  10. Automatic/sensor-based disinfection diffusers: You may additionally install such diffusers at required places such as Reception, meeting rooms or any other area as deemed fit
  11. Sanitizer sprinklers: Like Firewater sprinklers, the sanitizer sprinklers can be installed & operated during nonworking hours to get the maximum area covered in the shorter time span
  12. TV/display unit at the reception: Safety information should be infused along with company information on such a unit.
  13. Anti-bacterial furniture & fittings: Existing carpet/Laminates/flooring/Blinds etc to be replaced with Antibacterial property composition
  14. Redesigning of existing office infrastructure: Existing door handles to be replaced with FOOT DOOR openers, Reduce the size of meeting rooms/cabins to avoid many people sitting at one time to avoid physical distancing, Required distance to be maintained in workstations, Cafeteria sitting arrangement to be redesigned, Required distancing in Gym, Cabin sizes to be reduced, Health & Safety signage to be installed along with fire safety signage in the office, etc.
  15. Lockers: Manual/ Digital lockers to be replaced with face recognition lockers
  16. Sensor-based/Automatic Blinds: Existing manual vertical/roller blinds to be replaced with these blinds OR at least one sanitizer to be installed near the Blinds chain to sanitize hands after operating it
  17. Q managers & dividers at the reception/cafeteria/Teller counters: This would ensure decorum & proper physical distancing
  18. Sanitizer mist fans: These need to be installed in open areas/passage/corridor/terrace where staff sit/operate
  19. Customer service desk: At all Banks, NBFC’s or Insurance office’s existing branch operations/customer service desks should be converted into one desk only that too at the branch/office entrance with proper partitions (technically having NO access of customers to the branch area). This would help to create more space in the branch for the front end staff as NO visitors/customers would access the branch’s front area.
  20. Washrooms: Full-height partitions between Gents Urinals, Dividers on washbasin platform, Automatic Tissue dispensers in place of hand dryers, Sanitizer sensor machine etc
  21. UV sanitizer chambers/boxes for currency or important documents: UV kits can be installed in existing Vault/FRFC etc
  22. Designated area for equipment repair: Equipment like, NCM, NSM, Printers, Desktop, UV machine, Lamination machine, etc can be allocated a separate designated area (if at all feasible) for the service engineers to repair. Separate safety advisory to be shared with respective service providers.
  23. Mailroom access: It is to be given from outside. Only sliding window to be made operational for small packets & openable window for bigger packets/cartons. Any access inside the mailroom to be strictly permitted that too in an exceptional case
  24. Staff meeting rooms/Interview rooms: To be redesigned. Personal Interviews to be converted into VC rooms with automatic devices
  25. Enclosed rooms: Such as server room, FRFC room, store/record room, housekeeping room, security room, etc should have restricted entry with automatic/sensor-based ENTRY/EXIT devices

You may define/re-engineer your existing process/policies, safety manuals, awareness advisories, CBA’s & BCP documents as per your requirement or office set up & culture. In case you need any help or clarification while drafting these, or for any OFFICE RE-DESIGNING AS PER COVID-19 PANDEMIC you may connect with me at https://collarsconnect.com/contact-us

Happy to Connect……….!!

Your’s Buddy,

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