Covid-19 “A Lifestyle Change”


All efforts are being made to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus across countries & at every level but it is prudent to say that till the time we do not catch hold of this disease completely, we should change our lifestyle instead the need of the hour is that or Lifestyle should be changed mandatorily. We should now think beyond face masks, use of hand sanitizers, maintaining physical distancing, frequent hands washing, etc & try to imbibe some changes in our personal or social lives that are effective to defeat this Virus.

“ We need to Learn to Live with Corona Virus”

Let us look at some changes that are required to be implemented in our daily lives. Adopt as per your requirement/understanding.

  • The usage of Face mask should be understood properly. It should not be used just for the sake of it. It becomes ineffective in case it’s not being used properly. So learn its proper usage & spread awareness too.
  • Do not look directly at each other’s faces while talking.
  • Include nutritious and vitamin-rich food in your diet
  • Work hard to improve your Immunity as it would help your body to fight this deadly virus. Have adequate food, adequate sleep, and practice exercises/yoga/ pranayama, etc. to boost your immunity.
  • If you are an outside morning walker then ensure that there are fewer people, and at a safe distance while walking/running
  • If a member of the family inadvertently violates corona guidelines, it should be brought to the person’s notice by other members
  • Sit beside each other instead of facing each other while having food with the family
  • All members of the family should wear clean clothes every day. Do not reuse unwashed clothes.
  • Maintain silence while traveling by public transport. Do not talk to fellow passengers unless necessary.
  • Avoid any unplanned or emergency travel especially outside your city/state/country. Gather proper information about that place in case it is important to travel there
  • Instead of taking food from the same pot or pan repeatedly while eating, take the required quantity of food at once in a plate
  • Avoid confined environment. Also, avoid crowding and close contact with others

It is important to adopt all of these measures as deemed fit & as part of your lifestyle. Apart from these basic changes, we need to also learn some critical changes as well that are affecting our financial health & posing threat to our corporate life. Yes, it’s “CYBER CRIME” that is rapidly increasing & affecting our financial data. Since nowadays “Work from home” culture is being spread & insisted thus we need to be extra cautious with increasing Cybercrime. cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for their own objectives These criminals are targeting individuals and businesses through COVID-19- related messaging to deliver malware and ransomware, to steal user credentials, and to exploit remote access and conferencing systems.

Cybercriminals are using COVID-19-themed email phishing, SMS messages, malicious websites, and applications that often posing as trusted parties and may compromise the organizational data. The shift to home working has exposed the use of potentially defenseless services, increasing the risks to individuals and organizations.

Continue educating your employees to mitigate such risks. . Make sure your employees are aware of new scams and how to report issues they identify to security/relevant teams. Be vigil about any untoward incident especially working from home.


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