Covid-19 Preparedness SOP’s For RWA’s To Resume Society Operations Post Lockdown


Whilst all of us have been taking safety precautions during Lockdown to contain the spread of Corona Virus, we MUST even more rigorously follow the same as prescribed by the government to further spread of this critical virus. “Let us fight Corona together to make our societies safe, secure & hygienic place to Live”

DISCLAIMER: This document is only a collection of data assimilated from various sources. This is not a statutory or a compliance document & you are requested not to use it anywhere on a/c of any approvals, recommendations, certifications, or as a reference guide.


It so happens that most of the large societies have some professional facility management company’s to maintain the Infrastructure & smaller societies are managing it with an In house team of technicians. Their RWA’s play a vital role in the overall maintenance of the societies. Having said so, in both the scenarios this document would help enlighten the current need along with a futuristic approach to be followed. Before we jump on to the preventive action plan for Post Lockdown operations, I would like to summarize few basic but very important action points that you all must be exercising currently in wake of this outbreak & if not then kindly take immediate action as these are necessary to be implemented & followed on war footing basis:

  • Proper disinfection, fumigation & sanitization of the society including common areas, club, Gym, swimming pool, Lifts, maintenance rooms, DG area, AC plant/chiller area & occupant flats (solely on the discretion of the occupants) through authorized service provider time to time. You may connect for value-added services & at very economical price starting @ 0.20 paise per sqft at
  • Ensure that the chemicals used by the service provider are an approved one
  • Ensure either Security or HK or Technical Team members are present during the process of disinfection by the service provider
  • Do not leave any area without disinfecting.
  • Ensure that the technicians are wearing Mask and Gloves at the time of disinfection
  • Ensure that the complete premise is being thoroughly cleaned after disinfection
  • Ensure that there is enough stock of House Keeping Consumables. If not please arrange the same immediately so that you do not run short of the same at any point of time
  • Ensure all electronic security systems, DG, AC plant, fire fighting equipments are in working condition. You may get them checked with your In house technicians or FM company
  • If not already then Create a “ Special Covid19 Taskforce Team”(SCT) who needs to create awareness among the residents, update the society residents about various Do’s & Don’t’s to be followed, communicate with outsiders & residents on any suggestion, issue or COVID-19 related matter
  • Mention all important updates on the common Notice boards daily
  • Strict vigil to be kept on the operations of Club facilities, Gym, pool & other common amenities i.e. it should be closed till further notice/guidelines as prescribed by the government
  • Rigorous implementation of social distancing of minimum 6 feet with each other & wearing of face mask by all while outside their flats
  • Eyeball check is done on garbage disposal i.e. the garbage pickup van should be stationed outside the society with identified workers coming inside the society at stipulated time window daily/alternate day
  • Necessary announcements should be made through the PA system by the SCT
  • Ensure necessary safety & hygiene practiced by support staff while residing/working within the society premise in terms of cooking food, washing their clothes, etc
  • Hand sanitizers should be kept at all common places including main entrance security office, RWA office, etc
  • NO social gatherings until further notice
  • All incoming visitors including support staff should only be allowed inside the society post thermal scanning or temperature check at the main entrance
  • Information on CORONA VIRUS Helpline numbers must be affixed at all prominent locations of the society

Preventive action plan Post Lockdown to be followed:

Set up Covid-19 helpdesk:

It is important to set up a Covid-19 Helpdesk in society. The staff managing that desk should be updated with the latest updates on the subject matter. They should take precautions in all sense & wear proper masks & if required PPE kit. The desk should have a hand sanitizer, Infrared thermometer as well. They should check the body temperature of the person dealing with them in the first instance.

This desk would help you with the following benefits:

  • Manage, quantify & analyze the nature of calls/requests received on a/c of this pandemic. These service calls can be then measured to success
  • Maintain the discipline & decorum set by RWA across the whole society
  • A one-stop-shop for all Covid-19 related requests.
  • Help in creating awareness among the residents

Preventive measures guidelines: It is of utmost importance to take preventive measures before you decide on resumption of common facilities/amenities for the society residents. The following areas must be looked into/ actioned upon:

  1. Get disinfection done for all equipments viz-a-viz DG, AC plant, Electrical room, Gym equipments, common area light fixtures/fittings, fire safety systems, CCTV, power supply & distribution systems, water tanks, RWA’s office furniture, cooler, horticulture equipments, parking boom barrier, lifts, etc
  2. One by one get the servicing done of all equipments. ( Remember to take note of social distancing while operators service the equipments)
  3. Briefing done of society residents on social distancing & other coded-19 related disciplines
  4. Technicians/facility management service providers staff should carry Covid-19 emergency kits before they start their operations including disinfection of their tool kits should be done
  5. Strengthen the “Entry procedure” of the society
  6. Before & after the upkeep of their tools, uniforms & equipments
  7. Waste disposal process of masks, PPE kits & Tissues to be made aware to the technical staff as well as the society residents. Towards this, you may keep separate disposal bins at the common areas with strict monitoring/disposal process
  8. Maintain proper Log sheet of all activities being executed by the technical staff/FM service provider
  9. Redefine the diesel procurement process & place to store diesel in the society premise (Do not store extra diesel for safety purposes)
  10. Set guidelines for other vendors such as newspaper, laundry, vegetable hawkers, online delivery boys, gardener, etc
  11. Redefine the Lift usage guidelines & parking guidelines keeping in mind the social distancing
  12. Frame new SOP’s for society physical security agency & facility management company (if any)
  13. Customer waiting area/Lobby management guidelines to be redrafted
  14. Get a common area pest control & fumigation done
  15. Set periodicity of special services especially in high footfall areas
  16. Advisory to be issued on certain activities such as;
  • Gathering of 5 or more residents/support staff to be restricted until the situation comes under control
  • Avoid any social gatherings such as birthday celebrations, kitty parties, etc wherever possible else keep birthday celebrations limited to your own house only but not any kitty parties
  • Discourage to the maximum extent, entry of visitors in the society complex
  • Facilitate delivery and receipt of dak/posts/eatables at the entry point itself of the society, as far as possible
  • Home quarantine in case of unwell else seek medical advise

Aside to above, ensure to plug below safety guidelines for all technicians, support staff, security guards, housekeeping staff, pantry staff, Gym instructor, facility management service provider staff, etc that;

  1. Daily Morning Briefing Sessions & Health Safety sessions to be arranged, reviewed with social distancing norms.
  2. During these sessions, Health & Safety Officers 9if any) on-site must inform everyone including workers about the safety guidelines and important updates in the society complex
  3. A unique photo identity card with a serial number should be issued to all the workers and their family members staying in the society complex.
  4. Construction Workers should not be allowed to go outside the society site area. All the essential items should be made available to them at the site only. RWA to ensure this
  5. No outside worker should be allowed to stay at the site without following proper procedures and instructions.
  6. Mandatory medical check-up should be arranged for all workers
  7. Hand gloves should be used by the workers who are handling material coming from outside. Re-usable equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and should not be shared with others.
  8. All vehicles and machinery entering the premise should be disinfected by spray mandatorily.
  9. All construction material arriving at the site should be left idle for 1 day before use to ensure safe usage
  10. Workers should not share their belongings like food, water bottles, utensils, mobile phones, etc. with others. Utensils to be washed properly post-use at a designated place. Provide them a separate area to wash their clothes .
  11. Workers should clean hands frequently by washing them with soap and water for at least 30-40 seconds. When handwashing isn’t possible, alcohol-based hand sanitizer with greater than 70% alcohol should be used. (Instruct your contractor to provide them with adequate masks/hand sanitizers etc)
  12. Instruct the workers not to spit in open especially after having Pan/Gutka. If possible make a separate area for them to smoke.
  13. Food should be consumed at designated areas only ensuring social distancing. Common sitting arrangements should be removed.
  14. Bathrooms & Toilets Usage must be scheduled to avoid crowding and all arrangements should be made to ensure social distancing at these spots.
  15. Put safety signage in Hindi /local languages which are understood by all
  16. Access Control system continues to be non-operational till normalcy is restored. Find alternate ways to maintain attendance of the staff, whose attendances are not recorded through the elite entry

To inculcate safety habits at all ends: It is the need of the hour thus safety habits need to be inculcated by all whether;

  • Residents dealing with any outsider including other society occupants by wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer in case they are out, maintaining social distancing of minimum 6 feet, etc
  • Technical staff by keeping Covid-19 emergency safety kit & providing service to any resident, repairing, keeping separate tool kit & not shared one, etc
  • At common facilities, kids playing area, RWA meetings, social gathering, walking track, etc to be equipped with safety posters, plaque cards, safety messages, tailor-made caller tunes, etc
  • Maids working in the society, physical security guards, etc

Visitor management:

  • Discourage, to the maximum extent, entry of visitors in the society.
  • Suspend routine issue of visitors / temporary passes. Only those visitors who have proper permission of the security In-charge, whom they want to meet, should be allowed after being properly screened/ consent of the resident
  • Instruct security to check the temperature of all the visitors
  • Visitors vehicles to be parked preferable outside the society if not then allocate a separate area for them
  • Ensure that all visitors are wearing face masks mandatorily
  • Maintain a separate Log of the visitors especially with their temperature details
  • Avoid meeting visitors in the meeting room. If at all required then redesign the seating arrangement in the meeting room following physical distancing
  • Try to imbibe the culture of virtual meetings instead of personal meetings.

What amenities to Open & What to close:

Amenities Opened/Closed WHY Precautionary measures to be taken
Gymnasium Opened To ensure better health of residents. Physical distancing to be ensured while interacting with other residents, changing rooms, etc
RWA should engage one Gym Instructor. Sanitize all the equipments on a regular basis
Equipments should be kept with a minimum 1 meter of distance.
The resident should bring their own Towel
Separate Lockers should be provided to residents
Safety signage should be installed
The caretaker should wear a face mask at all times.
Hand sanitizer should be kept at all required places
Sports room Opened To ensure better health of residents, feel fresh & overall physical & mental development RWA to Sanitize all the equipments on a regular basis
A token system can be introduced to avoid social/physical distancing
Normal flooring/carpet can be replaced by Antibacterial floors/carpet
The caretaker should wear face masks at all times & has to be vigil enough to let residents enter inside the room after seeing the Token/Display board can be installed outside the main gate
Hand sanitizer should be kept at all required places
Safety signage should be installed
Open playing area Opened To ensure better health of residents, feel fresh & overall physical & mental development RWA to avoid social gathering especially at the Badminton/Volleyball/Basketball courts. An invigilator to be stationed there
Kids should be allowed to play under the supervision of their guardians. If possible they also should be wearing face masks & hand gloves in case they take rides
Children rides should be disinfected regularly
Lots of safety plaque cards to be installed in the open field
Library Opened To have residents spend their time in some other useful activity RWA to ensure that all users are maintaining a physical distance of minimum 1 meter while seated
All users should wear face mask compulsorily & sanitize their hands before entering
The Librarian should wear a face mask, hand gloves while dealing with books
RWA to provide water pads at all desks
RWA office Opened To overall function/manage the society related activities RWA should redefine the office opening/closing timings
Disallow residents to remain seated in the office even after completing their query
Avoid visitor meetings
Makeshift roaster of members in order to ensure not more than 5 people to be in the office at one time
Get the office sanitized/disinfected at least once a day as this area is more prone to infection
Publish daily updates to the residents via mobile/WhatsApp etc
All staff members to wear face masks mandatorily & keep sanitizing their hands/elbows at regular intervals
Club Closed To completely avoid physical/social distancing & further community spread Instead: Realign all programs, activities, gatherings or any social/private function later but keep the Infrastructure Intact by way of preventive maintenance with precaution
Lobby café for Guests/Visitors Closed To completely avoid physical/social distancing & any outside infection coming into the society Instead: RWA to put a required notice at the main entrance where security is placed to avoid any hassle to any incoming Guest/visitor & provide Isolated seats/Pods if at all important for any outside visitor to visit the society at the Lobby. Ensure that all such visitors should undergo a security check at the main entrance as per prescribed guidelines to the security
Swimming Pool Closed To avoid the spread of Infection through water Instead: RWA to get the pool water drained out & get the pool properly cleaned, disinfected & cordon off the pool area


Special usual/ unusual TIPS to society Residents:

  1. Avoid physical distancing even from your next-door neighbors
  2. Preach only what you practice
  3. Transact online payments for all your purchases. Deal with cash carefully
  4. In case you are getting something from building security guard/laundryman/service staff etc then do not hand/take over personally either bag, cash, or any article. Find out your own safe ways maintaining physical distancing of minimum 3 feet
  5. Get your door handles/Knobs/handrail/door locks/bell switch/main door (SS or MS)/switch boards/Remotes/cloth stand etc hand sanitized daily once at least or as per need
  6. Each time you enter/ exit your house, you need to either wash your hands with soap or sanitize your hands & put on/off your face mask after sanitizing your hands properly (ONLY FOR ESSENTIAL SERVICES)
  7. Make use of vegetables/fruits/grocery items carefully after following all necessary safety guidelines as per Govt.

Lift Operations:

  1. Mandatory Sanitization of lifts and their control buttons daily. In case the lift is manual then extra precautions & sanitization to be done
  2. Lift operator should strictly use gloves and mask during duty hours
  3. Passenger occupancy should not be more than four at a time in case its capacity is of more than four & two in case the Lift capacity is of four passengers only
  4. Avoid direct touch to the control buttons, walls, handles, etc. In case of emergency use elbow or backside of the finger and sanitize post its use
  5. Keep the face towards the wall while using the lift
  6. In the case without operator then implement the smart solutions for lifts operation (To avoid direct touch). A QR code scanner can be installed
  7. In case of any service/maintenance/breakdown ensure that the service technicians follow the safety guidelines as prescribed for other support staff
  8. Put safety signage in the Lift in English & local language
  9. Lock the Lift room & make it restricted entry zone

Covid-19 is a “Paradigm shift” towards everything. Be adaptable to the change & you will find a way forward as we progress towards fighting this critical pandemic. Thank you for your time in reading this document. We are confident that you would like this document. Please feel free to connect for any other clarification or for any suggestion at

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  1. Quiet a detailed one. I am sure if such precautions are taken by each individual / RWAs this will be a big contribution to the Nation and our society. We together have to WIN this battle and keep doing our bit to come out of this situation, we are in. Thank you Collars Team for sharing. Follow all advisories issued from time to time and Stay Safe!!


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