Do You Hire An ADHOC Electrician For Your Branch During Emergency ?


“जिसका काम उसी को साजे और करे तो बुद्धु बाजे”

Like any other profession, its prudent to say that Electrical maintenance is also a specialized job that should only be performed by licensed trained professionals. I am a BANKER. I understood this well upon hiring an Ad hoc electrician from local market, when I encountered an issue of sudden electricity tripping in my branch.

Like every organization, we too have various electrical contractors, R&M vendors to cater to various branch related issues. They all work on certain TAT’s of calls attending & closure respectively but in certain emergency cases we have been told by our Facility management team to engage a local electrician or a plumber as per the severity of the issue. Although upon encountering any such issue, we log a call & brief our regional facility In charge about that issue as per the set process but to get an urgent assistance at times, we are being told to look for someone local & continue branch run on DG. So I did it that day also keeping in mind my branch running without electricity (although running on power back up).

I called a local electrician asking him to check the issue. He was escorted by my branch housekeeping resource up till the electrical panel which was installed near the outside stair case. He then started working on it. In the interim the housekeeping resource came back for some work & all of a sudden we could hear a BLAST & shouts of that local electrician. Immediately with other branch staff & I rushed & first switched off the main line & reached at the spot. We all were horrified to see the flames in the electrical panel with lots of smoke & half of the local electrician’s face got burnt. Subsequently, the security guard on duty extinguished the fire with Fire Extinguisher & some of the branch staff immediately took him to the nearby nursing home. Whilst I deputed someone to follow the protocol & inform all relevant stakeholders about this incident, I called up one of the branch staff who took that local electrician to the nursing home. He then informed that the doctor on call has referred him for hospital (Burns department) & they are taking him there. I in turn narrated the whole incident to the Incident management team. In the interim my facility management team had aligned one empanelled vendor (electrician) to check the issue. Upon accessing the issue, the empanelled electrician found that the local electrician had by mistakenly connected the wrong wires due to which the BLAST happened. He then rectified the issue & the branch was UP & running fine on raw power.

I was in constant touch with my branch staff (who took the local electrician to the Hospital). Later they called & informed that the hospital had discharged him after dressing & prescribed some medicine with other precautions to be taken. I felt relaxed as he was not admitted to the hospital. The branch staff then dropped him to his home & came back to the branch. We presumed now the branch will function BAU but there was much more beyond our imagination. After few days I received an anonymous call (although we called the local electrician few times in between checking about his health) that “ The condition of the local electrician is not good & doctors have suggested him for complete bed rest for minimum 6 months. Since he is the only earning member in the family thus we should look at compensating his injury”. I tried pacifying the caller by saying that the first hand medical aid was given to him thus what else he wants from us. We fulfilled our responsibility but that discussion turned out into an argument & I disconnected the call by saying that we could only do this much.

We kept on receiving threatening calls from various people asking to compensate his injury. Later one call came from someone (posing as politician) threatening me to face serious repercussions of this if we do not do anything about his case. He even would call the media in front of the branch & do agitation. Simultaneously, I kept on updating my seniors including the Incident management team. Then one fine day the local electrician along with his two brothers visited the branch showing the medical bills & asking to pay them the entire amount which was approx 40k. I made them wait in the meeting room & consulted my seniors. I was asked to scrutinize the medical bills & send them back asking them to come back the next day. The whole day I was enquiring about those bills & concluded that approx 20k bills were genuine. I then prepared an Incident report to seek further guidance on this case. I was then told to pay him off 20k as lumpsum amount on a/c of his medical bills.

Next day the security head along with the facility in charge came to the branch. We called the local electrician along with his two brothers to the nearby shop (after taking permission from them, we sat in their store room) & handed over the money to them detailing about the sanctity of claim made by them. They somehow accepted that & we in turn took their written statement stating that now there is NO claim against us after settling off the medical expense in lumpsum. Though this brutal case was over for us but left us with lot of learning.

The answer to the initial question that;

Q: Can you hire an AD HOC electrician for your branch ?

A: YES, you can hire but you are suggested to make a note of below safety Measures that;-

  • Hire only Licensed professional
  • Get one small indemnity bond ( covering all safety measures & duly approved by your legal team) signed by any of the local technician each time being hired in emergency.

The facility management team was then asked to increase the bench strength of such branch wise local vendors mainly Electricians, Plumbers & carpenters to avoid such incidents ensuring branch safety & security. They also downloaded lots of tips towards electricity saving & branch maintenance in the branches.

( In said incident, Labor law advice as also sought & found that since the incident took place in the office premise thus as per the law, the company is liable to pay the compensation under “ Worker compensation act” even if he was not associated with the company in any context )

Be cautious, stay safe & Learn some Need to Know attributes of Facility management.

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