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The term R&M is very common across all types of offices. This expense exists in any & every type of organization & an integral part of your office OPEX. Some may absorb this cost under AMC, per sqft basis, Rate contract (RC) basis or need-based cost but exists everywhere. Every organization adopts & follow certain Ideas & Processes to deal better with this cost. They ought to as this is treated to be an ongoing expense of any & every organization but do you “ Know how to rationalize your office repair and maintenance cost ”

In order to ensure BAU of your office infrastructure, one should have a robust R&M process but at the same time should look at its “Various cost aspects”. It’s a combination of both i.e. repair & maintenance i.e.

Here are some very useful TIPS to rationalize your office repair and maintenance cost

  • Keep all the warranty cards safe as they can be used to claim for things under warranty
  • Always use branded material to avoid recurring repair cost
  • Put emphasis on Post work area measurement to calculate exact execution of repair work
  • Decide wisely on centralized & decentralized processes
  • Robust Internal audit processes to avoid wastage & pilferage
  • Evaluate your service providers time to time on their performance efficiency
  • Connect with us for Office Hygiene Audit

Create internal awareness among the staff on how to use the facility/services?

  • Publish various Advisories on the consumption of Tissues papers, disposable glass for Tea/Coffee, A4 paper, Paper envelops (recycled envelops for internal mail correspondence, electricity conservation, use of drinking water bottles, rationalized consumption of Biodegradable Garbage bags as costly & many more
  • Loss of drawer keys, its Issuance, penalty on the loss of company ID card, consumption of visiting cards, etc
  • Refrain touching walls as leave marks, clean desk policy, self-sustained approach, etc
  • Misuse of sources/services

Sign a Rate contract (RC) with your service partners to ensure

  • Standardization across
  • Uniformed price matrix of material across cities
  • Saving of managerial time
  • Heavy discounts on the bulk requirement

Always award AMC of your office equipment to your original equipment manufacturer i.e. (OEM) partner only.

  • This ensures proper PPM check
  • Easy availability of same brand/make spare parts
  • Reduce the breakdown of equipment
  • Increases Lifecycle replacement of equipment

Try to award office infrastructure repair AMC to your Fit Out (FO) service provider only

  • It helps in post office repair and maintenance as they understand IN/Out of the work
  • Avoids unnecessary repairs
  • Well versed with the routing of electrical wires, conduits, AC drain lines, water lines that make your repair work fast & cheap

Always engage an established R&M agency rather than engaging ad hoc contractors

  • It may lead to an expensive proposition
  • Non-standardization of work across different offices
  • Compliance/labor issues
  • Premise safety/security issue

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