Empower Your Staff & Make Them Future Leaders


Does this term “Empowerment” sound powerful? It’s a BIG YES. When you empower your staff, you give them permission to take actions & decisions but at the same time, you give permission to only those people whom you TRUST thinking that their actions will be in line with company goals. Empowering people is very very important for the sustainable growth of any business. When you empower multiple people in your organization, your actions lead to TRUE GROWTH & multiplies your organizational strengths & capabilities. It also improves employee engagement & helps to retain your top talent in the organization.

Empowerment allows employees to make decisions on their own for the betterment of the organization, whilst it can very well be described under different levels of the workplace such as at organizational level, Managerial level & at an Individual level.

At the Organizational level;

  • It brings a big change from manual to digital
  • Recognize teams contribution to the business
  • Emphasize on core competencies such as collaborative & influencing skills, driving result skills, etc
  • Foster a culture of employee engagement
  • Able to retain the best talent

At Managerial level;

  • Supportive empowered team leaders to grow their teams
  • Inspire & motivate the team
  • On-site & Off-site support the team for better coordination
  • Ignite Teamwork spirit
  • Clear communication of the business goals
  • Make the teams more structured with clear vision & constructive approach

At the Individual level;

  • Empowered Individuals willing to go extra mile for their teams & business
  • Bring Innovation & change to their work
  • Execute everything by taking ownership
  • Know how to take risks & accomplish the task
  • High morale with vigor to generate profits & positive outcome
  • Always feel motivated with a balance of SKILL & WILL
  • Bring problems with a variety of solutions
  • Follow best practices
  • Adaptable to change

What are the best ways to EMPOWER employees in the workplace?

  1. Handover responsibility with authority & ownership: When an employee takes on any activity or project, let him/her take it on completely w.r.t all minor/major delegations, decision powers to execute that task. This will help the employee to complete that task even with great zeal & passion
  2. Make guidelines & best practices clear: When employees understand the guidelines clear & boundaries that they have to limit themselves while working, they even tend to deliver more effective & positive results & feel more supported & valued.
  3. Encourage them to participate & communicate: When such avenue is offered to an employee, they feel more encouraged to share their IDEAS without any fear with a sense of trust & value proposition
  4. Put more emphasis on individual or group coaching/training: This will help them to identify any roadblocks or bottlenecks, find its solution & then take suitable action at every step
  5. Provide various growth opportunities: Foster internal development and growth across departments with cross-functional job opportunities
  6. Extend management support: This will help them drive their developmental plans & create ample avenues to grow themselves

Employee empowerment also means giving up some of the traditional powers held by the management, which means managers too should take on new roles, responsibilities & knowledge. However, this does not mean that management renounces all their authority, delegates all decision-making powers & allow operations to run without accountability.

It also requires a significant investment of time and effort, especially from management, to develop mutual trust, clear agreements about roles, responsibilities, risk-taking & boundaries to perform.


Happy Empowering………….!!


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