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Branch/office level facility management has always been a challenge especially in Tier 4-6 cities & Rural sector. Nowadays a lot of financial institutions are getting opened in these cities & the core team is busy making processes/policies to curb down the growing operational challenges day by day but the KEY to managing things here is that personal bond and make someone feel important.

We have made an effort to provide you some important Tips to handle tough situations and various methodologies to manage branch level facility management. You may also avail of management consulting services from us.

Ways to engage with branch offices: In today’s digital world, it becomes very easy to get engaged with smaller branches network through technology but is it enough? Do they have enough power supply & a good network to support the technology? Have we ever questioned ourselves? Have we ever thought of a branch office in North East being managed by its regional office in Kolkata that How many times the regional manager meets or speaks to the Branch-In-Charge? It is quite difficult to collaborate with others & Influence anyone without that personal bond. Our management consulting services can add value to this portfolio in case you need so.

Although conventional but very effective ways of branch office engagement in these cities:-

  • Branch Office personal visit: Even if the frequency is set for yearly visit then also it should be alive as it directly links to the personal bond & interaction of the branch office In charge with the facility representative.
  • They both can relate things well
  • FM rep can educate the branch staff about various DO’s & DON’T’s that are expected out from them
  • Personally check on various compliances of the branch
  • Provide necessary training on various Facility management aspects
  • Personally see/quantify the open repair & maintenance snags
  • Talk about OPEX expense Trend & suggest cost-effective propositions
  • FM rep can publish an R&M snags visit tracker with Open/Closed status to the Operations/Business teams
  • Regular Conference calls: The frequency of such calls may be set between the Leadership team. Ideally, it should be either bi-monthly or monthly. This parameter fulfills the deficiency of regular branch office visit. It is another robust way of getting engaged with the branch office. The calls can be organized branch/cluster or region wise to exchange effective two-way communication/ feedback.
  • To ensure 100% participation, FM rep can publish a defaulter branch office list to the stakeholders else few branch offices can be left ignored
  • FM rep can publish a R&M snags calling tracker with Open/Closed status to the Operations/Business teams
  • FM rep can use this forum to educate branch offices on technical aspects together. Any OEM partner can be invited to Log In to such calls to spread awareness, educate on basic maintenance tips of equipment, required product knowledge etc. This would help in bringing down the breakdown calls
  • E-Mail/Telecom engagement: This is a one-way process but cannot be left ignored. Any concern received through these channels can be very important at times. The easiest way for anybody is to pick up the phone, call & report about any concern. Internal staff can be educated to use other formal forums to Log In for any concern however, an interim response/solution can be provided up to the best possible extent.
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Such engagements help the facilities team in many ways such as:-

  • Strengthen the relationship with internal branch office/staff
  • Benchmark the OPEX & bring cost-effectiveness
  • Analyzing Efficiency Trend of processes/ services rendered by the service providers for fruitful outcomes
  • Accountability & Ownership towards work
  • Reduce safety/security incidents
  • Understand well the geographical spread of the branch office network to ease out service providers call attendance/resolution process such as:- Improve on TAT’s & SLA’s agreed with service providers
  • Identify grey areas of the process & fill gaps to get value-added propositions at both ends

Diversified approach to manage such a portfolio:

  • Decide on Centralization vs Decentralization of things For ex:- Fixing petty cash limit or pre define approval matrix by empowering the branch office In charge for any routine maintenance or identify regional service providers etc
  • Help deciding factors of Lifecycle replacement of equipments through various quality checks/surveys
  • Increase/decrease the Bench strength of service providers in order to decide on consolidation of services
  • Provide tailor made services to such branch offices
  • Synergize branch visits with other Units staff such as:- Operations/Business/HR team members to meet & understand about any requirement during their pre planned visit. Even service providers field staff can become your extended arm. This would not only fetch you OPEX save but also expedite the process & strengthen your bond with branch offices.

Hope you have enough insight of this critical aspect.

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