What Do You Prefer? Facility Management OR Crisis Management


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People generally underestimate this term “Facility Management”. One can easily relate this special term with “Administration” but actually it’s far more critical & complex then “Administration” however, some of the entities still call it Administration as they deal with only “Soft services”. Having said so, it does mean that one who looks after only “Soft services” cannot say that he/she is not doing facility management but to support that some sort of detailed understanding along with insight of this portfolio is required.

Today we shall talk about pure Facility management & Crisis management.


As per IFMA: Facility management (FM) is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

There are numerous definitions of Facility management available online but all of them ultimately boils down to two key entities i.e. PEOPLE & your PREMISE. Whatever you do is for these two entities only. Whatever you say or think of i.e. Is PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY etc is not important? Yes they are equally important but they are again leads to;- Process for people & technology for premise. So the take away out of this equation is PEOPLE, PREMISE, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY.

You all are managing your facility well & sometimes you need to handle certain crisis that crops up all of a sudden like these days due to this severe pandemic Corona Virus, you all are finding it quite difficult to sustain the operations by doing Remote facility management having very limited resources.

All FM professionals say that they do FM & handle crisis whenever it occurs whereas I say that most of the FM professionals do crisis (self created crisis) management & ignore doing facility management. WHY I am saying so because if my friends religiously do facility management then there will not be any crisis barring exceptions such as Corona Virus crisis, any natural calamity or any other such pandemic for which instant & special SOP’s are made to fight

As I say this is directly linked to Pro active vs reactive approach. In simple terms;

Facility management = Pro active approach &

Crisis management = Reactive approach

If you pro actively manage your facility then there will be almost NIL crisis & if you do not do it, then you end up reacting for CRISIS crops up each time. Let me support my point with one example of AC services in the offices.

A pro active facility manager always gets the AC AMC done with a quarterly service schedule including one wet service prior to start of the season & get all necessary checks n controls & repairs done along with Proper installation of Air conditioner (AC)easing out service issues including;-

  • Cooling efficiency check – This is done to ensure that the AC is running efficiently & not consuming too much raw power. If it is, then the AC stands eligible for replacement even if does not fall under “Lifecycle replacement cycle”
  • SERVO is efficiently working – This is done to ensure optimum voltage is coming inside the electricity panel to support the functioning of AC’s especially ductable AC’s as they are three phase machines & need all three phases to run properly
  • Timers (if any) working properly – This is done to ensure equal downtime is given to the AC’s to increase its life especially for server room AC’s
  • Repair required in ODU stands – This is done so that proper servicing can be performed by the service team to avoid frequent breakdown
  • Whether ODU’s face is clear i.e. NO debris lying in front of the ODU fan – This is done to ensure smooth running of ODU’s & avoid any pressure on the ODU fan motor or compressor
  • AHU’s coil – Clean AC coil increases its efficiency & help improving the air throw
  • Duct cleaning, Air balancing etc – This is done to avoid creating any hot pocket within the premise, proper cool flow of air, maintain right temperature etc

Whereas a reactive facility manager will at the most gets the AC servicing done without even getting the exhaustive check done & sometimes even not because of cost constraints sometimes over confidence, negligence etc thus leaving bad impact on the environment as well. He reacts as per the crisis.

Now imagine that the office is in full flow & suddenly the AC stops working/trips. Till the time it gets repaired, your staff will suffer & cannot work efficiently. Sometimes the conditions in summers are so inhuman that you cannot even think of. The repair may take days in case there is compressor replacement.

The best example I could ever quote to make the term CRISIS MANAGEMENT clear is that:-

Upon sudden AC failure: When you come to know during peak season that some of your AC’s cannot be repaired due to LOW cooling efficiency, damaged coil, consuming more electricity, frequent breakdown etc & you cannot replace them on urgent basis due to various constraints such as:- cost approval, non availability of new AC’s with the service providers or any Infrastructural issues, you end up facing internal customer’s complaints & above all BUSINESS LOSS. As interim measure you run pillar to post to install rental AC’s, pedestal fans etc to pacify the internal customer but still you are unable to ensure BAU. NO sudden failure of AC’s: As you have already carried out a Routine maintenance of AC along with Pre seasonal survey & taken preventive action to avoid any surprises during peak summers. Here you can easily convince your management (In case of high CAPEX) with proper analysis & CBA.


So friends try to be a SMART FM professional by doing active facility management & avoid struggling with self created crisis management. By doing so, you will be able to not only Justify yourself but also get sufficient time to think of your Own along with your Team’s development.

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