Fear UP Or Gear UP


Friends Its time to Gear UP now as your Fear has already grown up to many folds. So its time to think whether to still Fear UP or Gear yourself UP to sustain during this COVID-19 environment?

By now you must have heard or read many articles on various safety measures or corona virus impact at your workplace but many of you still don’t know what should be the best strategy for your kind of set up? For Ex: Can safety measures of any large facility be replicated at small facilities or should I follow the same practices or measures at all my offices/branches etc?

As per our beloved prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, NOW we have to learn living with this deadly virus. We simply can’t keep fearing from it so Let’s take pledge – to continue sustain in this dreadful environment with strong will power & contribute out bit to country’s growth.


As we all can see that almost everything has been gulped down by this Virus then what else is required now? Isn’t it enough? People have lost their lives, businesses, Jobs, relations, trust, position, time, future but still its FEAR is being continued. Now we have started questioning ourselves that what’s next? We should STOP acting like an ignorant person. Its time to Gear up my friends as enough of its fear has lost ourselves somewhere in the middle.

Now next Q arises here is that HOW DO WE GEAR UP OURSELVES? Well the answer is very simple. You should opt all tailor made fit measures for your offices i.e. ACT AS PER NEED, follow Govt. health & safety guidelines, follow Post Lockdown protocol etc but don’t let your Fear mount on to you. Like to chart out any process you need PEOPLE, PROCESS, MATERIAL & MACHINERY likewise here also you need,

  • PEOPLE to have selfless attitude, spread safety awareness, help each other to safeguard against this disease, follow new normal of office infrastructure, take pledge to fight against this deadly virus & abide by health & safety protocol being set by your management & Govt.
  • PROCESS to be followed by each & every person whether working onsite or remote facility management, to educate about this deadly virus, follow set safety precautions, positive case protocol, post lockdown checklist etc
  • MATERIAL required to fight this deadly disease such as face masks, hand sanitizers, ppe kits, IR thermometers, hand gloves etc
  • MACHINERY such as disinfectant fogging sprays to disinfect the office. Automatic hand sanitizers, sanitizing tunnels at the main entrance, automatic sensors for Lifts, entry/exit etc

A line from President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 inaugural address, to a nation paralyzed in the economic fear of the Great Depression, has endured its original meaning because “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speaks to the psychology of all panic so what’s the use of this fear right now because “Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere,”


Be strong in this toughest time,

Be calm to handle the pressure situation,

Be aware to fight back,

Be lovable to patients not disease……….!

Together WE CAN, Together WE WILL fight this deadly Virus by staying alert & aware. Lets get back to our work with same zeal we used to show at our workplace before the birth of this pandemic. It has actually brought a paradigm shift & that too for good. Lets treat this as an OPPORTUNITY . With its arrival we shall now be more informed, follow constructive approach towards our expense management, act on BCP management, concerned about health & safety of our own & support staff, learn to appreciate people with respect & dignity, recognize their efforts, more aware about disposal of waste management, follow proactive approach then reactive, follow robust planned preventive maintenance of equipments, be real & transparent in hiring people etc.

KUDOS to all facility management professionals for their relentless efforts during this Lockdown. Its not over yet, In fact now you need to be more focused, aware, alert & true to yourself to defeat this enemy. All the very BEST…………….!!

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Your’s Buddy,

Mr. Connect

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