As you all are aware that now we have to live with this Corona Virus (COVID-19) for a long time. It’s just that now we need to learn how to live with this virus & cope up with our routine life whether personal or professional? The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unparalleled & unforeseen challenges requiring collective action & support from all of us. Whilst all precautionary & necessary measures have been effectively led by the Govt. to fight the spread of the Novel coronavirus thus it is of utmost importance for all of us to reinforce its importance & sustainability to deal with it.

Let us understand the various preventive behavioral practices which are critical & helpful in winning this fight against this deadly Virus. We need to believe in ourselves that we could WIN over this deadly virus by knowing our ROLE & GOAL. Make a PROMISE to yourself today to have a SAFER tomorrow as part of COVID appropriate behaviors.

  1. Greet each other without having physical contact:

Be a responsible citizen & promote greetings these days without any physical contact. It is a responsible behavior & it prevents the spread of Covid-19 & other Viruses. Inculcate this habit into your children too.

  1. Maintain physical distance i.e. minimum of 6 feet with each other:

Always follow distancing norms while you are in public/office or close contact of any person especially when you go out shopping, buying essential products, medicines, or taking public transport, meeting someone in the office. You may be safe & taking precautions but what if the other person is infected as their physical contact may increase the risk of transmission.

  1. Always wear reusable face mask/cover at all times:

You must be asking these questions to yourself that;

  • WHY is it necessary to wear face mask/cover?
  • It limits the spread of any respiratory infection & protects the community.
  • Do I need to wear the face mask/cover at all times? Remember below occasions when you are required to wear face mask/cover
  • When you travel or go to a public place
  • When you are meeting people in a room
  • When you have any signs of cough, cold & flu

REMEMBER the following Do’s & Dont’s while using face mask:

  • Wear mask so nasal clip is over the nose. External pleats should be facing downwards. (If it is with head strings then tie the upper string first & then the lower string)
  • Open mask pleats in such a way that it covers mouth & nose till the chin
  • Never touch your mask from the front
  • Always remove your mask by untying lower string first & then upper string
  • Replace mask (if it is a surgical mask) after every 6-8 hours of use or when damp/humid. (In case of cloth mask – washable then you wash it daily)
  • Always dispose off the mask in a recommended manner only
  • Clean your hands after removal of the mask
  • Never ever reuse the disposable or single-use mask
  1. Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth frequently:

We tend to touch our face accidentally many times during the day thus we need to be extra careful because of our hand’s many surfaces & prone to pick up germs & viruses easily. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to mouth, nose & eyes easily & from there it can enter into your body & can make you sick. Your safety is in your hands only thus be extra vigil.

  1. Maintain Respiratory hygiene:

Always cover your nose & mouth with tissue or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. In case you are not carrying your handkerchief or tissue then use your bent elbow & wash your hands immediately after you cough or sneeze.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly & regularly:

Wash your hands thoroughly & regularly with soap & water for a minimum of 30-40 seconds or as per need. In case you do not have an option of soap & water then you may use alcohol-based hand rub /hand sanitizer. While you go out in public, carry a small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your ease.

  1. Regularly clean & disinfect frequently touched surfaces:

You should always practice good environmental hygiene around you because the infected droplets are more likely to settle down on surrounding surfaces. Take all precautions while disinfecting your surrounding surfaces such as wear masks, hand gloves, face shield, etc. Dispose off the used face mask, hand gloves, etc in a recommended manner only & wash your hands with soap & water after use.

  1. Do not spit in open:

Do you know that each time you spit in public/open area, you put your & every other person’s life at risk? It is prone to spread the Covid-19 virus thus avoid spitting in public places & help to save yours & everyone else’s life. REMEMBER that it is also punishable under Law.

  1. Unless necessary do not travel:

Travel only when it is essential for you & even if you need to travel or stepping outside of your place then do take all necessary precautions by wearing face mask/cover, a small bottle of alcoholic hand rub & follow all social distancing norms.

  1. Do not discriminate – AGAINST ANYONE:

Show your sympathy with Covid-19 patients & their families.

  1. Encourage your safety by discouraging crowd:

During these tough times limit yourself going to crowded places & avoid any social gatherings as these activities are prone to increase the transmission of Covid-19. Even if you happen to be at any crowded place in an extreme emergency then do maintain a physical distance of minimum 2 meters from other persons. Also if there is an important event that cannot be postponed then do limit your guest list as per guidelines issued by govt.

  1. Refrain yourself in circulating any negative, wrong, or unverified social media post to others:

Avoid circulating such posts as it may lead to a chaotic situation & turns out to be disaster for someone. Generally people get influenced by such posts & share it further.

  1. Always follow & abide by these instructions issued by the Health Ministry:

  • Seek Covid-19 related information from reliable sources only i.e.
  • Call national toll free helpline number 1075 for COVID related queries
  • Do not hesitate to disclose your symptoms
  • Seek psychosocial support in case you are distressed or feeling anxiety at 08046110007


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