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Corporate often feels that by doing away with the housekeeping cost, they can maintain their office well but they forget that housekeeping contributes up to a greater extent to keep their office clean, shining, hygienic & in workable condition thus it is difficult to run an office without housekeeping services. Although it is the IInd highest contributor of Operational expenditure & since its manpower based contract almost everywhere & directly linked to increase/decrease of minimum wages thus all the more important to keep a strict vigil on its consumption cost as it tends to go higher & higher in case the minimum wage increases. Aside from it, you may connect with us for Manpower Suppliers For Corporate Office.

Check out certain Tips to curtail down your housekeeping expense by way of celebrating it as a campaign. This blog will help you to achieve your desired results with the launch of this housekeeping cost rationalization awareness campaign

इसका निर्णय आप पर निर्भर करता है कि आप श्रमिकों पर आधारित अनुबंध या सेवाओं पर आधारित अनुबंध के लिए जाना चाहते हैं या नहीं।

  1. Benchmark your housekeeping cost with Industry data on the basis of the below parameters & gain true spending out of it;-
  • Office size, its Layout, geographical spread & structure-wise whether new or old
  • Office working hours wise
  • SLA based approach
  • Minimum wage type whether central/state or own formed wage structure
  • Deployment wise
  • Quality & type of resources wise
  • Type of contract wise whether comprehensive/non-comprehensive
  • waste management services
  1. Analyze the past & current spend & lookout for opportunities to rationalize the cost

Although there may be cost difference due to increase in minimum wages, Still we may evaluate the spend basis per sqft wise, per employee wise, per resource wise, department wise, deployment strength wise, etc to get an actual insight of the concern & put corrective measures without compromising on its quality & seamless execution.

  1. Rolling out certain Advisories is the best medium to have a gross impact on the matter.

Advisories may consist of:- Tips, usage of resources, grooming, training, resource absenteeism, Relievers, compliance matters, etc to remove non-value added steps from the entire chain of process.

  1. Opt R&R model (Reward & Recognition) to boost the morale of resources
  • Resource of the month considering all parameters
  • Star rating system. Different color stars can be put on collars basis good/bad performance
  • Internal up gradation in their grades such as – Housekeeper can be promoted to pantry boy & so on.
  • Good performer photos can be put on common notice boards & some certificate can be awarded to them
  1. Device internal customer feedback mechanism to exceed their satisfaction level & gain their trust
  • Performance efficiency checklist can be introduced
  • Person specific feedback to be worked upon & corrective action to be taken
  • Office Hygiene Audit can be initiated to measure the performance standards
  1. Optimum usage of resources deployed
  • Don’t let them deviate from their defined KRA’s
  • Try & make fungible use of resources
  • Get deep cleaning performed by In house housekeepers
  1. Benchmark your deployment strength as per Industry standards. This will not only help reducing down the no. of resources required for a particular job/area but also eliminate waste cost elements from your process.

The resources can be rationalized considering below parameters especially for corporate having multiple city presence with different office sizes.

  • Size & Office layout whether having single/multiple floor plate, carpet/super area, entry/exit from inside/outside & shifts etc
  • Minimum wage category
  • Fungible resource model
  • Resource mobility cluster wise

याद रखो :- आप केवल अपने कुल हाउसकीपिंग के लगभग 20% मासिक खर्च को कम कर सकते हैं।

  1. Engagement activities by involving your internal staff. The office internal staff play a very vital role in this activity. They may be instructed to;
  • Do not Misuse the resources for their personal work. For Ex: Some may ask to get Lunch from their home, eatables from outside, bank/post office work, bringing their children from schools, etc. Since these activities usually get performed during office hours thus end up wasting the productive time of resources & also leads to incomplete tasks. When resources work gets hampered, other staff demands for additional resources.
  • Don’t Extend working hours of internal staff: The internal staff sitting late should not stop the resources for their convenience as it increases their Overtime cost
  • Don’t Avoid shift duty of resources unless it is required: In case the work demands late sitting then avoid late sitting of resource staff either or additional shift wise deployment of resources.
  • Self-service to get their Tea/Coffee & water from the pantry
  • Don’t mess in & around the washroom
  • Photocopy their documents
  • Don’t litter on the floor
  • Follow pantry & washroom usage etiquettes

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I am confident that once you adhere to the above TIPS/action plan, you would certainly add value to your ongoing cost save bucket.

Happy rationalizing your housekeeping cost

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