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We often come across many definitions of intolerance such as, “Intolerance is reluctance to accept the beliefs and practices of a person related to any other caste, religion and tradition”,“ Intolerance is to refuse to acknowledge, admire and respect people’s beliefs, practices or ideas of any other religion, race or group of tradition”etc.

But are such kinds of explanations enough to express INTOLERANCE? No, they definitely aren’t right!?

I mean just look around. Everything and everyone are intolerant of something or the other and according to me it happens for some reason obviously. Intolerance is like that fire which can burn a soul without even leaving any ash behind; in short sublimation, that water which can submerge one’s feelings forever just like coral reefs (coral reefs because after all feelings are beautiful), that wind which can sway away one’s “world of emotions” in a single blow, that earth which can erode away one’s zeal to live and that sky which is indeed LIMITLESS can limit one’s thoughts making one claustrophobic, ultimately leading to his death. Literally in no time we realized how dangerous panchtatva (THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF NATURE) can be!

We have heard enough of religious intolerance, food intolerance, ambiguity intolerance etc. but emotional intolerance my friends, is above all of them.

Will small-business owners go to jail for breaking corona virus rules? , a monkey ran away with the samples of corona virus vaccine (2020 you cannot be worse), 78 more cases in Maharashtra and 800 more infected…….ENOUGH!!! Why does no one consider the fact that by just recording and telecasting the live videos of poor labourers would not curb the kind of intolerance they are in?

It is such an irony that those people who become exhausted by the fact that for one day they weren’t able to spend quality time with their family just because there was an extra pile of work are broadcasting such news so effortlessly, people having problems like cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks are not getting a hospital bed in this turmoil, locust swarm is thereby raging some different kind of war with the beautiful and peaceful side of nature destroying the hard work, blood, sweat and hopes of all those farmers who expected that the crops they are growing would feed the stomachs of their family along with millions of other families.

Now you tell me, aren’t these some major reasons why our society needs to be build upon the pillars of sensitiveness rather than making it all about social media. Awareness is important but not at the cost of emotional intolerance of our fellow mates.

We have always been a prey of the vicious cycle of BE SELFISH rather than BE SELFLESS. My father has always taught me this one lesson since I was a little kid and that is; “Beta apne liye toh sab soch lete hai par aap hamesha dusro ko aage rakhna, kyuki jo saamne waale ko khush karke khushi milti hai, that is incomparable.” Similarly if we vacuum clean our minds along with our houses every day, the world will appear a bit more transparent and then I guess we can focus on what’s needed and not what’s not.

We are habitual of always making all of it about the FAULT OF GOVERNMENT but our government is of the people, by the people, for the people that shall not perish from the earth.

This time it is about our mother, EARTH! And in a place where the country is our maatrabhumi, how can we be just satisfied sitting at our homes forwarding good morning whatsapp messages? This is a time of UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and we can’t let down our mother now.

In such an alarming situation, paradigm is what needs to be shifted. All our lives she has been taking care of us from the moment we came in its womb till our afterlife and now she needs US to pamper and protect her better than the atmospheric layer!

ना रूकना है

ना थखना है

बस आगे बढ़ते जाना है

अपनी माँ की सेवा करते जाना है //

Because patriotism is not just about singing vande matram or jana gana mana occasionally, it’s much more than that! If you have come this far then in the end I would just like to convey to each and every person reading this right now that this blog will be of no use if we don’t take a step now.

See you all soon.


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  1. All lives matter and any form of racism is unacceptable, equality and peace above all!
    Good job, keep working 💫


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