Manage Your Mailroom Activities With a Simple Yet Very Effective Process

  1. Process for Inward Shipment
  • Receive all shipments addressed to a particular staff with proper verification and affix the receipt stamp mentioning ‘’Received shipment contents Unknown’’ with date and time of receipt.
  • Upon receipt of the shipment enter the total number of shipments received along with the name of the courier/postal agency (Except for Ordinary Post) or packets which are not acknowledged by the Mailroom Team.
  • Shipment received in an open/damaged condition will be intimated to the concerned employee/department. As per instructions, the shipment will be accepted/rejected on the delivery sheet of the courier/postal agency.
  • The Shipment which is received and addressed to the company name only will be opened by the Mailroom to ascertain the department, to identify for further course of delivery (if Authorized) or will hand over the packets to the Mailroom Coordinator from the company.
  • On the opening of such shipment, if the address is still not identified then handover the shipment to the authorized person with instruction by the Mailroom Coordinator, and keep at the mailroom/storage place for a period of one year. Post this period, destroy the said shipment with the consent of designated staff/authority. (Refer the document retention policy)courier-boy
  • Data capturing to be done by mailroom team, where courier agency name and number of shipments received are entered in the LOG ENTRY and further details such as AWB No. origin, sender, receiver, the total number of shipments to be captured.
  • Intimation for inward shipments to be sent by Mailroom to the concerned recipient on the same day.
  • Mailroom to sort shipments as per department/function-wise to keep the shipments ready to be picked from the department representative.
  • Employees to collect the document from the mailroom.
  • Mailroom to have the complete employee list and update the employee database at their end
  • Status of delivered and undelivered shipments to be updated by the Mailroom staff
  • Mailroom to reconcile the delivery sheets and undelivered shipments daily.
  • The physical copies of delivery sheets to be retained and filed by Mailroom for a period of 12 months in the mailroom or in the storage place given from the client
  • Shipments that are undelivered to be retained in the mailroom for 3 months.
  • The details of such unclaimed shipments to be forwarded by Mailroom in an excel to the Departments SPOCs of the company through email on every day along with the Ageing period.mailroom-managementProcess for Outward Shipment
  • All Outward Shipments to be handed over to the mailroom counter before 18:00 hrs every day (this time may vary as per operational office timings). Packets handed to the mailroom after the cut off time will be connected in the next working day.
  • Sender Department Function to ensure that the shipment for outbound dispatches, sender’s name, department name, Cost Centre, contact number, receivers name, delivery destination and pin code is mentioned along with the content. The courier name and mode of dispatches have to be mentioned on the packet.
  • Personal shipment not to be entertained in the mailroom for dispatches.
  • Shipments received in the mailroom for outward dispatches to be sorted immediately as per destination and service provider wise as per serviceable location and preference by the sender.
  • Shipments which are not serviceable by client impaneled courier vendors may be routed through alternate mode like postal service or as instructed by the client instructions.
  • The sender, receiver, destination, courier vendor details along with the air waybill number of the shipment to be captured in Mail Room before handing over the shipments to the courier vendor.
  • You may define a process of “Bulk Mail” wherein all shipments addressed to the single destination under single airway bill can be termed as “Bulk Mail”
  • Acknowledgment can be collected from the courier vendor in the pick-up register maintained in the Mailroom before hand over to the Courier representative.
  • Auto mailer for outward shipments to be sent to the mailroom to concerned sender/function for shipment dispatched for the day.
  • Consolidated excel sheet for all the outward shipments to be sent via email to concerned sender/function.
  • Reconciliation of outbound shipments to be done by mailroom against the data captured in the Mail Room.
  • Record of Shipments sent by the postal services to be done by Mailroom on a daily basis as per the postal scheduled timings arranged through the approved vendor.
  • Shipments that are returned to origin should be treated as inward shipment and post entering the details of the same in Mail Room, same to be returned to the concerned employee/function with the reason for non-delivery.

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