Meet The Man Behind -> ZOHO

Curiosity is a trait that can serve you well in entrepreneurship. Is it ?
Let’s find out from the man who said it – Sridhar Vembu – CEO of Zoho Corp
He can’t see a product without thinking of its make, manufacture, and margin! . He says, “It’s a bad habit of mine,”
A multi-million dollar Zoho Corporation built from scratch without taking any external funding. Amazed ?
Competing directly with giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle and, and giving them a run for their money. Competitive much ?
  • 45 million people use at least one of the 45 business apps Zoho offers in the cloud!
  • Value Of ZOHO, it might be well over $1 billion.
  • Tag Line That Stole Everyone’s Heart “Made In India. Made For The World.”
You Can Also Call Him A Barefoot billionaire!
On the sidelines of Zoho’s annual ‘Zoholics’ conference in Austin, Texas, Sridhar dressed in his standard t-shirt branded with a Zoho logo, jeans, and sandals.
Despite his low-key appearance Vembu owns 88% of Zoho along with his family, and Forbes estimates his fortune at $US1.6 billion ($2.23 billion) and growing, with Zoho’s turnover estimated at almost $1 billion a year.
He started his journey with AdventNet in 1996 & has been CEO since 2000. It was AdventNet that transformed itself from software company serving network equipment vendors to an innovative online applications provider. It has maintained profitability and growth, without needing outside capital.
Being A Bright Student from the beginning, he hit Every Single Opportunity Came Along in His Ways!
Well, he is one who has a massive fan-following in the start-up industry, mainly for being “the man who turned down venture capital money”.
Making India Proud!
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