Onsite Facility Management = Offsite Remote Management


Dedicated to all my Facility management friends.

So Friends, by now you must have had a good time working from home & doing offsite remote management of your facilities. It is secondary to ask you whether you enjoyed working from home or not but the primary is to know your experience, challenges, how did it sail through up till now & off course your Learning. It is a kind of preliminary test that must be taking all your patience into consideration to ensure BAU at your respective facilities with limited resources especially your vendors/service providers & partners.

At this crunch time we actually start comparing our working methodology, ease, comfort & convenience of office with home bur certainly find that facility management can be done at both Onsite & offsite but each of the aspect has its own merits & demerits. Let us compare the core difference of the Onsite & Offsite facility management basis below parameters.

S No. Parameter Onsite Offsite/WFH
1a Facility core team members It proves to be one of the major strength of FM team as many tasks are accomplished basis the unity, collective efforts & physical presence Here, everybody, is a stand-alone entity & cannot be physically present but still can accomplish tasks basis telephonic co ordinations & online support. Although that personal touch is always missing here
1b Support staff Your Personal intervention resolves too many things Only telephonic support is there where you cannot evaluate/counsel physical attributes required to resolve things
1c Vendor/Service provider/partner Easy to contribute physically for certain manpower related issues, maintenance challenges & easy to counsel/confront people Unable to physically vouch for anything but try to mentally be there both with vendors/employees to coordinate things
1d Employees Personal attention & physical presence contributes to satisfactory & early closure of things. Nobody take things for granted however, here also employees requirement can be fulfilled via telephonic support w.r.t any repair work, online queries or any manpower assistance but that personal comfort is always missing here
2a Vendor management Personal review meetings can be conducted together with entire ground force & their leadership team. Resource grooming issues, work quality, performance standards etc can be vouched for & billing issues can be discussed post checking the physical bill (if any) Only telephonically or through video call, interaction can be done which may not prove to be effective always. Higher chances of degraded service levels/dip in service levels due to lack of ownership & eye ball check done by you
2b Cafeteria/transport management Quality standards & service levels can very well be maintained with your physical intervention/quality check whereas; here you are dependent upon the on ground report submitted by the service provider along with certain feedback mechanism only.
2c Backend activities such as stationery, consumables, courier, R&M, electricity, water, paper, tea/coffee management Proper & transparent Inventory management, end to end control on things, almost Nil pilferage, qualitative service levels & reduced customer complaints can be achieved Only limited to online reports, MIS, online resolution of customer complaints, prone to pilferage & average service levels due to lack of your physical presence & control


Still some of the corporate demands for offsite working however, at this crunch time of COVID-19 outbreak everywhere it is WFH thus all facility management professionals are doing Offsite/Remote facility management. But I must say while working from home/offsite you tend to deviate yourself from your core objectives that you are aligned for.

You may not be able to abide by certain responsibilities that you carry for your SHAREHOLDERS, CUSTOMERS & off course your own EMPLOYEES. HOW? Let us see.

SHAREHOLDERS: You are unable to religiously drive certain Expense management Initiatives & cost rationalization projects as it needs lot of collaboration & Influence with other units, frequent meetings/discussion with cross functions, presentation of facts to top management etc

CUSTOMERS: Lack of personal assistance to demanding internal customers & interactive meetings for two way feedback, Onsite grievance resolution with clear facts & figures, personal counseling/confrontation of erring employees/vendors & most importantly miss the customer satisfaction drive activities/awareness campaign that brings a unique bond with your internal/external customers especially during occasions/festivals & milestones achieved

EMPLOYEES: Unable to let you help your colleagues in “On the job training”, Onsite training, site induction to new joinees etc. It also lacks in providing opportunity to evaluate certain leadership tasks given to your colleagues & performance efficiency evaluation of your outsourced staff.

However other than above, it too gives you;

  • Save on your real estate cost
  • Develop your remote management skills especially on Collaborative & Influencing skills, Innovation & change management skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved decision making capability
  • Create paperless environment thus saving on carbon footprints

& challenges in terms of;

  • Connectivity issues as you are totally dependent upon the network
  • Lack of Extended support of cross functional teams to close any issue
  • Payment reconciliation issues
  • Certain system related support towards various software, files folders, HR policies etc
  • Lack of feedback mechanism
  • Vendor management, their bill verifications, attendance, performance evaluation, AMC & execution of PPM etc
  • Check on contractual vs physical delivery of services/supplies

Although there are many more such hidden challenges that I may not think of as of now but the idea is to understand the aspect. I have heard people saying that what do you need while working from home “A Laptop & Phone” that is it, but do you actually feel that you can manage your facility management portfolio with these two things? Some of you may manage but most of you might not.

It is also linked to your work management ethics i.e. how do you manage your work area with which you can be able to decide whether you can manage your FM portfolio well ONSITE or OFFSITE. Think decisively

Happy Connecting…..

Your’s buddy,

Mr. Connect

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