Performance Evaluation of Physical Security Service Provider

Physical Security Service Provider

Every corporate engages a physical security service provider. They are being deployed to perform all security related tasks & keep a strict vigil on;

  • Visitors
  • Any untoward incident in & around the office premise
  • Safety & Security incident
  • Entry/exit gates
  • Fire safety standards etc

Although each corporate sign up a robust SLA with strict TAT, get various reports & MIS from the service provider but do not pay attention on evaluating their performance efficiency In house especially from their internal staff barring few. This exercise extracts the real feedback on ground.

Instead the service provider giving you his performance efficiency report as per agreed schedule, YOU have the power to achieve the real time feedback.

You may adopt the below process as well in case you desire so. This may be applicable to all segments of corporate i.e. single large corporate, multi city presence corporate, medium & small corporate.

  • Clearly define the scope of performance feedback
  • Template, parameters with responsibility matrix
  • Rating legends
  • Frequency
  • Analysis to be shared internally & with the service provider
physical security service provider
physical security services

You may design a template with following parameters to be judged upon:

  1. Domain expertise of the service provider
  2. Behavioral skills of the security guard
  3. In case you have armed security guard then whether he has valid weapon license
  4. Punctuality & sincerity of the security guard
  5. Whether the roaming supervisor visits your branch/office regularly
  6. Whether the supervisor is capable of handling on ground issues of the client & security guard
  7. Security guard is proficient & well versed in handling fire fighting equipments
  8. Job knowledge standards of the relievers, overall appearance & grooming part is OK
  9. The service provider provide relievers on time in case of any absenteeism
  10. NO minor security guard is deployed at your facility

Rating legends:

1. Highly satisfactory

2. Satisfactory

3. Fair

4. Dissatisfactory

5. Highly dissatisfactory

NOTE: The frequency to share & receive the feedback from the internal staff on their services can be set as per need & analysis to be shared with the service provider to improve on their standards. Regular monitoring will help achieving 1 rating forever. This way we shall also help the service provider to meet your expectations.

physical security service provider
physical security services


Some of the key benefits of this exercise:

  • Show TREND of service standards
  • Remove non value added steps from the process & focus on requisite deliverables
  • Improve the quality standards
  • Help the service provider to derive any Pre/post action plan to overcome all service barriers
  • Customer delight

Hope you will be benefited out of this exercise.


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