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Physical security expense is the IIIrd highest contributor of any Office operational expenditure & since its manpower based contract almost everywhere & directly linked to increase/decrease of minimum wages thus all the more important to keep a strict vigil on its deployment cost as it tends to go higher & higher in case the minimum wage increases. Manage it smartly though.

Although electronic security is taking over physical security gradually but can we do away with physical security completely? A BIG question comes to our mind each time when it comes to Banks, Retail industry, NBFC’s, Exhibitions, Malls, Commercial complex, Delhi Metro, Airports & all such industries where its physical presence is required that “ Can we manage without it? The answer is NO because somewhere you need to control the Mob & maintain the decorum, carry out frisking, manual bag checking, all Entry/Exit points control, Armed security to let not the miscreants enter inside any premise, etc. Since when we cannot do away with it completely thus all the more important to rationalize its cost by way of strategic planning.

Check out certain Tips to curtail down your physical security expense without compromising safety & security of your office premise

  1. Its up to you to decide whether you would like to opt;
  • 8 hours shift 3x24x7 or
  • 8 hours shift 2x16x7 (Here you may opt out one shift security guard as per your need). This would straight away fetch you 33% cost save. Take help of Electronic Surveillance in such case with Central Monitoring System (CMS) in place.

Remember:- If you opt out the night security guard then you need to follow a robust electronic security system for your premise

  1. Benchmark your physical security cost with Industry data on the basis of below parameters & gain true spending out of it;-
  • Office size i.e. divided into number of floors, its Layout i.e. number of Entry/Exit, geographical spread i.e. whether crowded place or isolated one
  • Office working hours wise i.e. in case you have 24×7 shift working environment then it can be treated as an Exception
  • SLA based approach i.e. whether to perform front desk activities or not along with guarding services & training skills to train other In house security guards
  • Minimum wage type whether central/state or own formed wage structure
  • Deployment wise i.e. male/female & shift wise
  • Quality & type of resources wise i.e. whether Armed/Unarmed, skilled & professionally trained
  1. Analyze the past & current spend & look out for opportunities to rationalize the cost including Fire safety drills

Although there may be cost difference due to an increase in minimum wages but still we may evaluate the spend basis increase in infrastructure, deployment strength wise, need based etc to get actual insight of the concern & put corrective measures without compromising on its quality & seamless execution.

  1. Rolling out certain Advisories is the best medium to have gross impact of the matter.

Advisories may consist of:- Tips, usage of security guards, grooming, training, resource absenteeism, Relievers, compliance matters, etc to remove non-value added steps from the entire chain of process

  1. Opt R&R model (Reward & Recognition) to boost the morale of security guards
  • Resource of the month considering all parameters
  • Star rating system. Different color stars can be put on collars basis good/bad performance
  • Internal up gradation in their grades such as:- Stationed security guard can be promoted to field supervisor & so on.
  • Good performer photos can be put on common notice boards & some certificate can be awarded to them
  1. Device internal customer feedback mechanism to exceed their satisfaction level & gain their trust
  • Performance efficiency checklist can be introduced
  • Person specific feedback to be worked upon & corrective action to be taken
  • Vendor evaluation exercise
  1. Optimum usage of security guard deployed
  • Don’t let them deviate from their defined KRA’s such as stationed security guard picking up & dropping off office executives Lunch’s/bag’s
  • Try & make fungible use of resources such as security guard handling the front desk or mailroom activities. (This may be applicable to specific set up)
  • Security surprise visit within the office premise
  1. Benchmark your deployment strength as per Industry standards. This will not only help reducing down the no. of security guards required for particular job/area but also eliminate waste cost element from your process.

The security guards can be rationalized considering below parameters especially for corporate having multiple city presence with different office size.

  • Size & Office layout whether having single/multiple floor plate, carpet/super area, entry/exit from inside/outside & shifts etc
  • Minimum wage category
  • Fungible resource model i.e. Armed security guard performing duties of Unarmed security guard
  • Risk assessment of area. For Ex;- In case you have police station in front of your office then there is NO need to deploy night security guard or even day security guard as deemed fit

Remember:- You may rationalize approx 20% of your overall physical security spend monthly.

  1. Engagement activities by involving your internal staff. The office internal staff play very vital role in this activity. They may be instructed not to;
  • Misuse the resources for their personal work. For Ex: Some may ask to get Lunch from their home, eatables from outside, bank/post office work, bringing their children from schools etc. Since these activities usually get performed during office hours thus end up leaving your premise unsecured/unmanned. On the other hand even customers do not feel comfortable in almost all the cases.
  • Extended working hours of internal staff: The internal staff sitting late should not stop the security guards for their convenience as it increases their Overtime cost
  • Below Do’s & Don’t’s to be imbibed by internal office staff:
  • Self service to get their Tea/Coffee & water from pantry
  • Don’t send the outside office for personal or even official work
  • Photocopy of documents
  • Office work such as filing, stamping etc

Hope you have enough insight of this critical aspect.

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