Play Holi with colors, not with your office


It is time to play Holi. It is the most fun filled & colorful festival. People have great excitement in their minds to play Holi with their near & dear ones but what makes this festival so special & unique is its spirit which remains the same throughout the country. We urge each one of you to play a SAFE Holi.
Even at our workplace we play Holi on the last working day before this festival. Though every year the respective Admin/Facilities team circulates an Advisory well in advance to their office staff not to play Holi inside or immediate outside the office premise, but still many of us ignore this important Advisory & end up playing Holi inside or outside the office premise due to its spirit & joy.
But do we actually realize that this leads to high office maintenance cost & affects the cleanliness levels? We would like to throw some more light on this perpetual concern.

By playing Holi inside & outside the office means we end up;

  • Creating a mess by playing with colors
  • Spoiling the office infrastructure & exterior of the office with color sprinkles
  • Making the workplace unhealthy & unhygienic
  • Contributing towards increased maintenance cost
  • Disturbing other co staff who do not have interest in playing with colors

We do not even realize the after effects & serious consequences of this deliberate act but swing with its flow & in case it gets pointed out by the management then we start the blame game.
In its flow, we forget what we are doing. For Ex:

  • We enter inside the office to call other employees & spoil the floor tiles with our dirty & colored shoes, working chairs by outing our hands on it even if by mistake, spoil the carpet by leaving dirty & colored spots on it, putting dirty hands on walls sometime
  • The color that we sprinkle on each other gets stick to the outside floor tiles & gives shabby look
  • Fast odour of the color that we use makes the place unhygienic & unhealthy for human body
  • Making life miserable of the cleaning staff the very same day after the celebration. Sometimes we need to call a special team for deep cleaning of the office including carpet/chair shampooing team
  • Increasing High maintenance cost of office furniture & fittings such as chairs upholstery change, curtain blinds, walls repainting & office branding. Other assets that accumulate color i.e. desktops/keyboards, Landline handset, workstations & outside Foot Mat etc.
  • Sour relationship with our Co staff by forcing them
  • Making the washroom floor, tiles, washbasin dirty by washing hands & face & floor dirty with wet shoes


One should keep in mind the below DO’s & DONT’s to avoid such situation:

  1. Adhere to the Advisory circulated by your Admin/Facility team
  2.  Always play Holi far outside the office premise
  3. Take due care of companies assets especially ID card, company phones & laptops
  4. Do not come back to office for washing your hands & face
  5. Do not use fast colors & instigate or provoke anyone to use fast colors
  6. Do not run after each other or pull/push anyone as it might hurt

Let us contribute together in ensuring the healthy & hygienic workplace as we have to get back to our office the very next day & ensure safeguarding of our companies assets & infrastructure.
WE wish you all a very happy & safe Holi
Team @ Collars Connect

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  1. That is so true and very well said. We should keep our offices neat and tidy and shouldn’t play holy inside the office.
    Great blog.


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