POST LOCKDOWN PROTOCOL @ Facility Management


Friends, the stage of FEAR has been over now I firmly believe but do you too believe in this? Are you still worried? Are you still over buying? Are you still cultivating fear, anxiety, frustration, worry & anger? If YES then WHY? Come out of this stage & get yourself acquainted to Learning, start identifying your feelings/emotions & cope up with them, cultivate your awareness to this changing situations, filter the information at your end before sharing & most importantly bring this feeling within that YOU ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT not only to your friends, family & workplace but to your country even.

Learn more & more at this stage so that you can implement the corrective measures at your workplace once you resume back to your work & make it a better & safe place to work for all your internal/external customers.

Adequate Learning – Fear + Positive attitude + Safe protocol = GROWTH

So you are required to frame the strategy of Growth basis above formula in order to win everybody’s confidence & able to provide a safe working environment. Do not deviate yourself while implementing the Growth strategy but continue following,

  • Think of others & try to help them
  • Use your skills & make people benefited out of it
  • Appreciate people, their efforts & bring a sense of togetherness in them
  • Develop the developing
  • Make people learn to practice patience, creativity & enterprise in the face of challenges
  • Be a good listener & compassionate
  • Put Customer on your top priority always even in the toughest situation like this
  • Robust BCP plan
  • Safe SOP’s to follow &
  • EMPOWER people

HOW to prepare yourself before implementing the “Post Lockdown Protocol” process?

Thumb rules & Initial action steps:

  1. Participation of your Team members is must (Unless someone is unwell)
  2. Communication channel has to be strong
  3. Create a “FM Covid19 Taskforce Team” (FMCT)
  4. 24×7 availability of each team member over calls & e mails
  5. Be a good listener

Its time to act NOW. Start the brainstorming with your FMCT. Share & line up the Topics & then review them. The timelines can be decided & adjusted as per your need/office open date. Appoint someone as SPOC of your FMCT.

Firstly, the communication has to be made at least one week prior to your office opening date i.e. Day 1. Now the various communication has to be sent as per below matrix;

S No. Impacted Party Ownership Type of Communication
1 Corporate communication CEO/MD E letter to all employees as per company policy
2 Facility Team FM Head Communication / Video Call with entire team / relevant Vendors (External/Internal), security council (if any) & Landlords
3 Transport Team Transport Head Communication / Video Call with entire team / support service partners (External/Internal), Drivers, facility team, Technical support desk etc
4 IT Team IT Head Communication / Video Call with entire team / support service partners (External/Internal)
5 Security Team Security Head Communication / Video Call with entire team / support service partners (External/Internal), Supervisors, CMS control room, facility team, protocol team etc


Out of the FMCT, make someone responsible to handle all Notifications, Reiterations of various DO’s & DON’T’s among the employees, vendors etc along with setting up of various Helpdesks at important & strategic places. The Responsibility Matrix will be as follows:

Responsibility Matrix
S No. Activity Action Point Objective
1 HELPDESK Details to be shared with Responsible to EMAIL/ WHATSAPP/SMS to all Employees Maximize & confirmed reach to all
2 HELPDESK Location It should either be at the Entry of Corporate Office complex / Main Entrance At strategic & visible location even to an outsider such as delivery/courier boys & visitors
3 HELPDESK Display At all common places such as Restrooms private/public, On common area Doors, Notice boards, Building Reception desk & personal office Reception desk, Via Email, Plaque cards in Parking bay, Lift Lobby, Common passage, Fire Exit staircase etc To cover maximum people
4 Availability of Stationed Doctor 24×7 Medical desk to be stationed either at the Reception in some separate enclosed room or at the main entrance Easy access to all even for Incoming visitors upon extreme needy conditions
5 Awareness campaign It should be run via E mails, Hurdles, posters at common places, plaque cards at all visible places, Standees, banners etc Make people imbibe the safety precautions while on work & in the premise


Now comes the action time. Yes Its time to action out the preliminary formal tasks before you officially start resumption of work.

  • HR team to sort out the locations of all employees in sync with facility, security & transport teams. (If required nominate temporary HR SPOC’s especially in far areas from operations team where physical HR presence is not there)
  • UNDERTAKING letter from each employee covering the health aspects & in a position to resume office. Although it is a corporate compliance requirement as well.
  • While making duty roaster identify all Covid 19 hotspot locations & employee base who belong to that hotspot locations should be called as last lot of entry to the office either or asked to WFH till they submit confirmed medical report
  • Seek transport locations/pick up suggestions from mix set of people/transport team & explore options such as shuttle service from common pick up/drop locations (NO private vehicles should be allowed), avoid cabs instead deploy TT, Mini bus etc & extend best possible support to Local Traffic police
  • Security team to be vigil at all times & take/provide regular updates towards COVID -19

Now comes turn of your service providers/ partners & vendor staff. They are also equally important to be sensitized towards the safety precautions to be adhered to while on duty. You should call a preliminary tele meeting with all the vertical heads of your service providers/ partners & vendor staff & update them about the action plan framed for their ground staff to be in sync.

One Responsibility Matrix to be framed taking help from below action points grid.

NOTE: The corporate who have multiple branches across one city/region may also replicate this across their branch network.

STRICT EXCEPTION: Support Staff travelling from Hotspot Areas not to resume duty till further instructions. The service providers should provide required number of back ups in such case.

S No. Support Staff Type Responsibility KRA’s
1 Housekeeping including (Porters, Riders) Vendor staff – Operations manager 1. Daily briefing by Site-In-Charge or stationed supervisor to all the deployed staff maintaining 6 feet distance at least                                                                            2. Strictly follow the deployment location i.e. within duty hours nobody should leave their allotted area i.e. deployed area                                                       3. Explain Do’s & DONT’s in detail w.r.t routine schedule, safety precautions to be taken while at work                                                                 4. Seek daily feedback from the ground staff & submit a collective report to the Facility manager
Exception: Avoid calling Pantry/Office boys during COVID-19 outbreak & manage within the available resources/self staff)
2 Physical security guards Field supervisor 1. Daily briefing by Field/stationed supervisor to all the deployed staff maintaining 6 feet distance at least
2. Strictly follow the deployment location i.e. within duty hours NO security guards should leave their allotted area i.e. not to leave their post
3. Explain Do’s & DONT’s in detail w.r.t routine schedule, safety precautions to be taken while on duty
4. Ensure to keep the sufficient stock of Infrared thermometer & hand sanitizers at the Reception/Front/Security desk in consultation with FM & prepare daily report of all employees entering inside the office about their temperature & submit daily report to FM & HR
5. Ensure all employees should wear their ID cards & face masks while in the office premise. Report the defaulters daily & immediately of face mask to FM & HR
6. Any incident to be reported to the doctor on duty/FM/HR within 5 minutes of noticing
7. The SG on duty should maintain minimum 6 feet distance from everybody while dealing
3 Drivers Field supervisor 1. Daily briefing by Field/stationed supervisor to all the Drivers maintaining 6 feet distance at least
2. Drivers to be stationed in their respective Vehicles only while on duty/in the complex/parking area
3. Explain Do’s & DONT’s in detail w.r.t routine schedule, safety precautions to be taken while on duty
4. No crowding, meeting in the parking area with other drivers
5. Use common area/reception rest rooms
6. Do not touch employees personal vehicles parked in the parking area
4 Outsourced staff                 (Backend support/Mailroom staff) Operations manager 1. Explain Do’s & DONT’s in detail w.r.t routine schedule, safety precautions to be taken while on duty
2. Strictly follow the designated location i.e. within duty hours nobody should leave their designated area/workstation area i.e. working area
3. Wear Mask & Gloves at all times while on work
4. Main minimum 6 feet distance from everybody especially while taking/distributing correspondence
5. Get their IT hardware such as telephone/desktops sanitized with the help of housekeeping staff 3-4 times a day


Now let us look at the actionable that one has to perform while at work. You should share this grid with each of the category employees/resources prior to resume their respective work so that they imbibe these important instructions fully & perform their task without any deviation


S No. Impacted area Responsibility Safety Instructions
1 ATM Lobby (Onsite) Security Guard Wear face mask, gloves & sanitize hands in every 2 hours
Exception: Offsite ATM’s draws a separate SOP Do not get close to any customer
Maintain minimum 6 feet distance with everyone
Strictly follow the protocol as prescribed
In case of any customer showing ILL symptoms, Inform the designated authorities as prescribed by the employer immediately
Housekeeping Get ATM machine especially the Keypad sanitized every 2 hours along with door handles
Wear face mask, gloves & sanitize hands in every 2 hours
Clean the ATM twice a day with prescribed cleaning material
2 Customer Lobby Housekeeping Wear face mask, gloves & sanitize hands in every 2 hours
Mop the Lobby floor as required but every 2 hours.
Keep hand sanitizer within reach of customers in the Lobby & ensure its stock is maintained (In case of banks, Insurance & NBFC)
Ensure that all the metallic chairs/sofas kept in the Lobby are being sanitized & properly cleaned daily twice a day
3 Staff/Backend area Employees Wear face mask & gloves (if at all you feel necessary) & sanitize hands in every 2 hours
Keep hand sanitizer within reach of customers in the Lobby & ensure its stock is maintained (In case of banks, Insurance & NBFC)
Greet visitors from 6 feet distance at least. In case required make the visitor sit at minimum 6 feet distance (In case of banks, Insurance & NBFC)
Maintain 6 feet distance with other staff while sitting (Best way is to alternate the staff shift)
Backend staff should keep the doors of their area/bay open in order to evacuate odor and air pollutants particles (generally the backend areas/bays are exposed by only one door thus so)
Housekeeping Other then taking self safety precautions as mentioned above;
Hand sanitize the staff telephone sets, desktops, printers once a day. If possible then telephone set should be hand sanitized twice a day
Disinfect the workstations daily once & follow the prescribed cleaning schedule
Special care of the furniture & fittings to be taken care that are being used by the customers or visitors (if any) such as:- waiting chairs/Sofa/writing ledge/common Treys etc. (Avoid keeping pens for writing in the common area)
All support staff should strictly be in proper Uniform
4 Teller area Employees Wear face mask, gloves (if at all you feel necessary & you can work without them) & sanitize hands in every 2 hours. Strictly Follow the safety instructions
Keep one hand sanitizer bottle on the counter for customers
Put safety plaque card on the counter for the customers. Apart from other safety instructions as necessary write specifically ” Do not Lean upon the counter Ledge”
Use Q Managers with 1 meter distance for the customers to stand & wait for their turn
Get the teller counter sanitized every 2 hours with the help of housekeeping
Utmost safety to be maintained in the strong room. Get Vault Levers, Vault doors from outside, NCM/NSM. cash boxes sanitized & disinfected before the start of operations & after the end of operations with the help of housekeeping in front of you. (Follow all your internal compliances & audit practices while doing so)
Ensure that Cash van staff coming with proper face mask & gloves to pick up/deliver the cash
5 Pantry/cafeteria Housekeeping/Pantry staff Other then taking self safety precautions as mentioned above;
Follow al sorts of cleaning schedules including disinfection of counters, tables, equipment, chairs etc at regular intervals especially before start & end of working hours
Facility In charge Sitting arrangement to be done between 3-6 feet distance
Employees should be encouraged to bring home food & encourage staff to use floor pantry to eat in minimum time slot.
Ensure support staff strictly following the cleanliness standards/safety norms including garbage disposal
Employees Follow all safety norms
Avoid talking while eating & evacuate immediately after eating
Avoid taking office cutlery rather get your own utensils such as plate/spoon/fork/glass etc & take them back in a bag to help ensuring cleanliness standards in the pantry. This would lower down the burden of pantry staff as well
6 Server Room  

IT staff

Strictly allow to enter only authorized staff
Get server rack/UPS or any other equipment cleaned, sanitized & disinfected in your presence only once in the morning with the help of housekeeping
Ensure any visiting vendor staff to check/repair any IT equipment should be wearing mask & gloves. Maintain good distance between you & the vendor staff & be present with the vendor staff while inspecting the equipments
Ensure that the vendor staff has properly been screened by the security guard on duty w.r.t temperature, wearing mask & gloves etc before entering in the office premise
Housekeeping Sanitize the server room’s door handle/lever every 2 hours
7 UPS/Electrical room Facility In charge Same as Server Room’s instructions
8 Meeting Room Housekeeping Other then taking self safety precautions as mentioned above;
Clean, Sanitize & disinfect the door handles every 2 hours & the meeting room once in the morning thoroughly with prescribed cleaning material
Facility In charge Spread awareness among the employees to avoid getting Tea/Coffee/Beverage in the meeting room & physical meetings with clients instead encourage to hold VC’s/Tele meetings etc
To keep all meeting rooms and cabin doors open when they are vacant, to evacuate odour and air pollutants particles
Place necessary safety plaque cards on the tables
9 Washrooms Housekeeping Other then taking self safety precautions as mentioned above;
Thorough cleaning, sanitization & disinfection to be done every 2 hours however basic cleaning to be done as & when required
Immediately Report any issue to your Supervisor/Facility In charge
Mandatorily wear rubber gloves & gum boots while cleaning
Facility In charge Ensure that the washroom cleaning staff should not be deputed/used anywhere else in the office. (If in case there is only one housekeeping in the office then you may wish to increase one more deployment of support staff to perform other task else maintain strict hygiene with the available resource only)
Waste disposal to be done in proper manner
Sewage/drain lines to be cleared at all times i.e high maintenance to be done regularly
Uninterrupted water supply should be there in the washrooms
Place necessary safety plaque cards on the washbasin counters
Stop using hand driers these days instead increase usage of paper tissues/M Fold tissues as hand driers can become the potential source of spreading water droplets in the air
Cleaning material stock should be filled for next 3 months together
Employees Not to litter on the floor
Follow all safety instructions given by your facility In charge
10 Critical Equipments including Lift Facility In charge Access Control system continue to be non-operational till normalcy is restored. Find alternate ways to maintain attendance of the staff
All Indoor AC unit filters to be cleaned and fixed after drying at the stage of opening and thereafter on regular basis, at least for first month.
Lift lobby and Atrium railings to be cleaned and sanitized on regular basis. See if you can deploy a LIFT MAN during this time with necessary safety measures
Ensure that the technical staff wear personnel protective equipment while performing their services
Ensure to keep spares for the AC units such as PCB, Fan Motor, even compressor etc so that incase if any repair to be done immediately the same can be attended especially for the server rooms AC
Wherever open able windows are available, please keep the same opened for few hours so that the stale air inside the office goes out OR switch the fresh air fan
Ensure that the CCTV footages are recorded during the lock down days thus all your CCTV’s should be in working condition. Monitor the footages on random basis during the lock down days so that you are sure
that nothing has gone wrong during the lock days
Ensure that check whether the bills for the land line is paid or not. If not paid the same to be paid immediately so that there is no discontinuity of service from the service provider
Ensure all your ESS systems are working fine to avoid calling the vendor staff/technicians to the office
Ensure that all the lifts are properly disinfected
Maximum numbers of passenger in one lift to be minimized to its 50% capacity
Guidelines of how to stand in lifts for safety to be released and posted in various areas and in Lift.
Ensure employees are not travelling in service lifts


Last but not the least, I would like to state that nothing can beat your Self awareness & precautions as you are the one who can safeguard yourself well. I tried my level best to summarize all important & critical aspects of Post Lockdown protocol but if in case I have missed out on anything then do not hesitate to write back to me at & I shall try my best to live up to your expectations.

Happy Connecting…………….!!

Your’s buddy,

Mr. Connect

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