Do You Know How To Handle Staff ID Card Issuance Process Wisely ?

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Every organization whether small, medium or big issues ID cards to their employees. This helps both the employer & the employee in many ways such as Safe access to the premise, distinguishes own/other employees, representative of the organization, controls unwanted/unauthorized access to the premise, employee safety, etc. As soon as the employee joins any organization he/she is supposed to get the ID card right on the first day either temporary/permanent.
Although every organization has its own process & policy to issue/reissue ID cards to their employees but the below process flow may help in further strengthening your process. Some are still going ahead with the Offline/manual process but most of them have adopted a technically sound & ONLINE process. Here it is: 
For any new Joinee: 
A form can be designed or Online process can be made for all new joiners to apply for their ID cards, however, the company may introduce a process of issuing temporary ID cards in the beginning either printed or a manual one. 
The request should be approved by the designated HR partner
In case the ID card printing is outsourced then; 
The new Joinee details should be shared with the printer upon approval 
TAT & SLA’s to be predefined with the printer along with Confidentiality agreement signed 
The printer should deliver the printed ID cards at pre-defined place  
You may choose to ask your printer to directly dispatch the ID cards to the designated office/staff 
In such case ask him to share the dispatch/delivery details with your designated staff/department along with monthly MIS 
In case any of the ID card under direct dispatch is returned/undelivered then, in that case, a return report should be shared immediately with the company to take action.
In case the ID card printing is done In house then;
Designate appropriate staff for this job with back up 
Weekly MIS to be shared with the internal customer about the delivery TAT 
Have AMC in place for all the ID card printing machines 
Submit a monthly report with all internal stakeholders. Especially Incorporate data for non-adherence of any defined internal process by the staff 
Reissuance of ID card :
1. In case of relocation/damage to an ID card, make a process to reapply the same as per the set process. Instead, it should be treated as a new ID card issuance process.
2. The employee needs to submit the old ID card to the designated appointed person. 
3. In case the old ID card is lost, the employee needs to apply for a new ID card following the set process after taking approval from the HR & reporting manager. You may also keep a minimum fine for any ID card LOST to make employees more sensitive about this important aspect. The fine should be collected through Cheque. 
4. The designated staff/department to maintain data of such requests 
5.The printed ID card to be dispatched to the employee in …………. working days. 
6. If a lost ID card is found by any employee then the same should be returned to the address mentioned at the backside of the card. 
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