Hello everyone. My name is ME!

And I am here to share my journey with you all of what made me ME!

Excited? Let’s go then…..

जातस्य हि ध्रुवो मृत्युर्ध्रुवं जन्म मृतस्य |
तस्मादपरिहार्येऽर्थे त्वं शोचितुमर्हसि ||

Death is certain for one who has been born, and rebirth is inevitable for one who has died. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.

Now, my friend what is LIFE & DEATH? Let me share my understanding then…

Life surrounds two prospects: Growing and Dying but death= life – growth i.e just death!

Growing is such a time consuming yet beautiful process right. I mean if we think clearly then, to be honest, each and everything is indulged in this god’s plan. Somewhere a seed is grown into a plant so that it can feed the tummies of zillions of people as well as those poor farmers, an infant is growing so that in future he can be the raja beta earning charms in his life and proving that he is his parent’s best decision ever, young minds of the world are growing which in turn can bring a hell of a revolution to transform this hell into heaven, love is growing which is making a rich man break all the stupid sayings and stereotypes to marry the love of his life who sadly falls in the category of “you are not fit for the rich Sharma Ji ke bete waali family” etc. but dying breaks everything into the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

A child is born. The moment he is out of the secured world of his mother’s womb, he cries. He blinks, clicks tongue, rolls, laughs, sleeps, breastfeeds his mother, and does whatnot. HE GROWS! He will continue to grow day by day. He will become larger and heavier. His body will undergo changes. He will evolve his features and he will become an individual, beautiful or ugly, huge or trivial, depends on him. We often say bade log keh gaye hai ki jo aata hai, usey ek din jaana hi hota hai, but nobody explains that duniya mein aane ke baad insaan kya karta hai vo sabse zyada mehtavpoorna hai.

KARMA! THE DEADLY MONSTER WHO NEVER LEAVES ANYONE RIGHT!? YOUR FALLACIOUS ACTS WILL MAKE YOU A DOG IN YOUR LIFE. Why does nobody tells us that all of this is just a race that every living being runs so that in the end, he finally understands WHO AM I?

There is no point in the life of that child mentioned above if he fails to introspect himself and derive the purpose of his LIFE in this wonderland. Living beings are born, and they die. And in the interim they grow, stay for some time, produce offspring, then dwindle—and the whole process ends in death.

What is DEATH? One is when yesterday around 8:40 pm, my aunt’s body stopped reacting, her body temperature started dropping, she could not breathe, started having a paralysis attack, and left this world leaving us behind in the name of god. Second is when a known friend of my dad didn’t even give a second thought about abandoning those two people in so-called old age homes who took 7 vows + the decision of starting a family together which would live happily ever after. So basically only their physical body is alive but their soul is ripped apart.

I have always been hell fascinated by the way Swami Vivekananda understood things and moulded them in a way that a layman would even get inspired. And one fine day I was very intrigued to hear one of his famous sayings that “when you pluck a flower, you kill it but when you water it, you give a reason to that plant to live one more day and make this world a beautiful place to survive in.”

Perception is what matters my friend! A life deprived of love and respect is ugly & pointless but facing death after living a life where one only distributed smiles is worth it.



tu khud ki khoj mein nikal

tu kis liye hataash hai

tu chal tere vajood ki

samay ko bhi talaash hai

Will meet again soon

Your friend,

Keshni Goel (ME)

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  1. Woah a brilliant job 😮🙌…this was something inspiring for those who are still searching for a reason to live …..thoughts are so nicely converted into words and sentences that they effect directly on your brain and heart both….
    Hats off🙌👏👏

  2. Excellent thought put together and articulated in nice selection of words. Good job. Keep writing and inspiring!!

  3. Wow beautiful! Impressed with your writing skills and the way you have expressed your thoughts… keep up the good work and I look forward to your writing.

  4. Great. It’s a soul-touching blog. I am sure this will help others to know what they actually are in this beautiful world. Keep it up Keshni !👍👍

  5. Such a wonderful perspective towards life dear. Of course, love and respect are the only two pillars that can help us to live a meaningful life. A big bow to you. Keep it up. Loads and loads of blessings to you beta.

    • Very nicely connect with the shloka, your article is practical, it’s journey ( life) which leads you to the meaning of life, growth may mislead anyone that’s why be perticular with your perameters of growth.
      Death may be physical and mental both, anyone’s mental death is worst for society.
      In one sentence the essence of your article is” Be nice”
      Keep doing great work 👍

  6. Truly poignant write up. Way to go. Soul poured out in words. We encourage such inspiring Blogs on our page. Welcome fresh talent.

  7. Awesome Keshni. I am impressed with the Wisdom at this age. It is well articulated blog which requires deep and mature thinking. Keep writing good stuff. God bless!! Way to go!!

  8. Keshni….. I don’t know you personally but after reading your blog I can sure that you are a good human being…. The lines of your blog touch me “when you pluck a flower, you kill it but when you water it, you give a reason to that plant to live one more day and make this world a beautiful place to survive in.”
    Very good blog written by you… Keep it up!!!

  9. Very nicely written👌👌👍….you have put it very nicely and its have a direct impact on heart and brain….good job👏👏


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