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Frequently Asked Questions

Grow your business by getting relevant and verified leads
  • Q. What are the benefits of joining CC ?

    1. 1. Connect with right corporate for better synergy.
    2. 2. Volumetric assignments for profitable propositions.
    3. 3. Increased network, client base, turnover & experience.
    4. 4. Leverage business solutions to varied corporate.
    5. 5. An opportunity to all NEW prospects to become corporate service provider.
    6. 6. More visibility to establish their brand.
    7. 7. Showcase your talent, skills, workmanship & cost effective solutions to corporate.
    8. 8. Infinite years of relationship subject to transparency & quality.
    9. 9. Achieve service excellence by offering customized solutions.
    10. 10. Financial growth
  • Q. Is there any minimum criteria to join CC/ get enlisted on the website ?

    1. 1. No there is no minimum criteria for joining CC. One can list his or her business for free.
  • Q. How do I pay my subscription money?

    You can easily pay through:
    1. 1. Our portal
    2. 2. Bank Cheque
    3. 3. Net Banking
  • Q. How would I get LEADS from CC?

      Only genuine corporate Leads will be passed on to the eligible service provider

    1. 1. Direct Lead from the User through our website.
    2. 2. The eligible Lead will be passed on to you by us basis your credentials available with us
    3. 3. Leads via “Offline Lead generation platform” ( Please connect with us for more details)
    4. 4. Through our strong Business Associate network
  • Q. Where all CC would advertise their brand/run ad campaign?

    1. 1. Brand marketing at corporate hubs, Rapid Metro, Taxis, Newspaper, static AD panels at corporate complex's & Malls.
    2. 2. Kiosks at corporate hubs & corporate events.
    3. 3. Cross brand AD campaign.
    4. 4. Informatory product slides at various social media platforms (Target marketing).
    5. 5. Through our own web portal via campaigns, Quiz programs etc.
    6. 6. FM Zones.
    7. 7. Co brand printing.
    8. 8. Digital Marketing on all relevant social media platforms.
  • Q. Is there any other service/program being run by CC?

    1. 1. Yes there are consultancy and training programs for service providers and for corporates as well.
  • Q. How do I get myself enrolled as your Business associate?

    1. 1. One can easily get enrolled by just logging in as Business Associate.
  • Q. Is their any joining fee/registration charges to become business associate?

    1. 1. NO. It is absolutely free.
  • Q. How much time do I need to invest?

    1. 1. Its up to you. The more you invest the more you will get.
  • Q. How would I receive my payout?

    1. 1. The payout will be directly transferred to your bank account by the first week of every Month.
  • Q. How do I get benefited out of the consultancy program?

    1. 1. Maximize worker’s productivity and increased efficiency
    2. 2. Time management of workers
    3. 3. Generate IDEAS to excel and create brand value and Leads
    4. 4. Stop Pilferage
    5. 5. Backend Operations staff/manager to perform better and add value to overall system/process flow
    6. 6. How to be PRO ACTIVE & provide varied MIS, Dashboard, reports & Trend analysis to client without even client asking for
    7. 7. Audits & Compliances
    8. 8. Talent retention
  • Q. Can I diversify my territory in case Corporate requires?

    1. 1. Yes at your own discretion & terms & conditions
  • Q. Do I need to pay any fee/charges to CC to become business associate ?

    1. 1. No. it is absolutely free
  • Q. How do I update/inform CC about my ongoing work/achievements of my company?

    1. 1. Update through your Dashboard with an access provided to you
  • Q. Can I sell goods also from your portal?

    1. 1. Yes. In future we will be opening an E- Corp Mall where service providers can easily list there products on our platform for free.

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